Food Covers--Who Uses Them??

OK, so, since I got the Demeyere double plancha, I’ve been missing being able to easily cover eggs/omelets for the finish, and for melting cheese or butter on burgers and steaks. So I’m thinking of getting a few of these:

Moreover, I’m always intrigued by the plate covers hotels use to keep room service dishes from going completely cold before delivery:

Does anyone use either of these at home?


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No, just normal dish to flip over or to keep food warm.

I recently saw a set of Italian food cover cover, very beautiful and vain, only good for presentation purposes.


Attempting to buy some copper ware, I asked my son to sell some of the items in my cupboard on EBAY. One item is a cloche food game cover purchased from an antique store in Scotland. I told him to sell it for no less than $100.00plus S/H. He sold it for $50.00. I was sick because I saw it on Ist Dib for $999.00 but with a matching platter after h e sold it!

I have one for cooking – got it from a restaurant supply store.

For melting cheese, omelettes etc. I’ve just used the lid from my Dutch oven.

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How? Your lid is flat without a knob?


No but I need something to cover plates of sides on the deck table while the grill work is finishing & such items would keep the insects and leaves out of the food and also retail heat, at least more than those wire mesh jobs. Of course aluminum foil works and can be reused, but not indef.

Assuming the hole in the hotel cover is meant to prevent breads from steaming into goo?

They’re intended mostly to keep played food warm without steaming, yes. And also safe from sneezes, smoke, dust and prying eyes.

My lid is not flat. It’s domed with a handle.

I think a set of stainless mixing bowls would work. They have more than one use and nest for easy storage. Some aluminum mixing bowls (or basins) are so large that they can cover a number of dishes at once. Or a collander could be used to allow steam to escape.

I think the covers are fancy, of course. Probably don’t have room for those in particular. I always liked the gag where the big fancy cover was removed, with a flourish, to reveal one little pea, or something silly.

I use either pot lids in similar sizes or silicone microwave covers.

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I have one small plastic cover that just about covers my plate. I primarily use it to keep my rice and other foods warm as something finishes on the stove. On occasion if I’m making something my cats really like, it keeps them from licking the food :smirk_cat:

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Nowadays, I put food in a cool oven or microwave than to leave it outside, vs insect or cat.

Lately I've repurposed an old fryer with a removable handle and accessory handle on the other side, by taking those off and using a wire coat hanger as a handle over the bottom (which is now the top). I can use it to cover something like a steamer basket inside another pan (when I need a bigger lid on it for that), and it holds heat in to allow the steam to continue cooking food after I take the pan off the hot plate, so that's a little more efficient when I have other things to do... it takes about 20-30 minutes to be cool enough to touch when the steam has all dissapated inside, and this adds up to steaming another few minutes at full heat.

The standard food covers might work for something like this also The lids don’t really have to be vented for steaming, because steam finds a way out on its own unless you have a pressure seal on it. I’ve used a lighter weight shallow stainless bowl for the same kind of thing, and that works fine too (as long as the lid isn’t way oversized, because steam needs to be kept close to the food to work well).

I use one to cover the plate I place on the serving tray when - taking food to the “Queen” - she likes to eat in her office or bedroom - and it is handy - from bugs, to keeping food warm, etc… and she enjoys it - so yes I use one on a regular basis. Never thought about melting cheese, etc - but it does keep things warm enough that it can happen on the way though.

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