Food Aversions

I can’t stand beets! Taste like you’re eating dirt.


I’m not a fan of beets either, but I can tolerate them for politeness’ sake in small quantities. The yellow ones are less offensive than the red.


Beetroots work as a dessert in much the same way you have carrot cake.


Grapefruit ruins everything for me.

Orange juice in salad dressing, orange in cranberry sauce.

I don’t like mustard in potato salad, in salad dressings, on chicken or salmon. I like mustard on hot dogs, can tolerate it with corned beef. I don’t want it anywhere near a turkey sandwich.

I scrape whipped cream off most desserts.

Banana candies, artificially banana flavoured things.

Coconut cream pie.


I’m not a fan either. When I was young I ate a bunch of it when cutting weight thinking it was a negative calorie food. In reality it isn’t but doesn’t really add much I suspect…including eating satisfaction unless I shovel on sugar. :blush:


:::Raising my hand on cilantro tasting soapy::: Anyone who’s seen me post on CH, here on HO or in my FB groups knows my dread of it.

Otherwise, I’m can’t abide the smell (or taste) of liver. I came home from work one day back in the late 1970s and my mom was making liver and onions for her and my stepfather. Almost bowled me over when I walked into the house. I ran upstairs to change, yelling “I’m going to McDonald’s!” and my youngest stepbrother yelled “TAKE ME WITH YOU!” LOL (I did)

And if I’m anywhere near Fenway Park, I really dislike the smell of The Sausage Guy’s sausage and peppers on Lansdowne Street. I’m not sure why, as I do like sausage.

Runny egg whites in over-easy eggs squick me out. ONLY the yolk should be runny; the whites should be set.


When mom made liver and onions all I could to was run and hide in a cornfield because town was 15 miles away… and it had no McDonald’s! (I was so abused.)

When I got mad I’d make a big production about running away. I would pack a peanut butter sandwich and leave to hide in the cornfield. My dad came home once and asked where I was at. Mom said, “He ran away.” That was that.

Once I tried to run away and I packed a shirt. Mom stopped me and said, “I came into the house with nothing and will have to leave with nothing.” I left with my sandwich….again.


I’m averse to all melon (other than watermelon) that I’ve tried, and cantaloupe. My aversion isn’t based on flavor or texture, but rather on the havoc it wreaks on my digestive tract.


Oily fish. Salmon, black cod, all the healthful stuff.
Raw mackerel and herring. It’s a texture thing
Soft shell crab, and similarly pomegranate seeds texture
Brains texture
Smoked salmon too rich

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Seaweed, green onions, strong oily fish like anchovies and smoked salmon, sour cream. Raisins and mushrooms but that’s more texture.

I dislike Mackerel.

I also dislike basa and tilapia. Won’t touch them.

Love pomegranate, dislike Pom juice and Pomegranate molasses.

Mayonnaise. It has such an odd flavor to me, especially when served on something hot, like a burger.
I also don’t find it appealing in tuna or chicken salad. Or when used as the base of a sauce. It just makes things heavy and sort of greasy. Other creamy foods are just fine–sour cream, cream cheese etc.

Raw onions and garlic. They leave such a sulfurous aftertaste. Cooked–no problem.

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I’ve long used pom molasses in Middle Eastern dishes but, fairly recently, I read of someone adding a splash or two into gravy for roast lamb. A revelation - and now a firm favourite.


I’m the opposite.

I don’t have an aversion to them, but I try to avoid most white fish, e.g. tilapia, basa, haddock, flounder, etc.

It’s great in fesenjan, and I’ve had a lovely Lebanese dish of juicy chicken livers in a sauce that also contained pom molasses.

I love fresh pomegranate & pretty much OD on it when it’s in season.


Squid and fishy smelling fish, although I love good tuna salad. I was on vacation in Japan and they sneak squid into lots of things. I don’t want innards or raw fish or rare meat. I can’t even be in the same room with lamb. No on stuffed cabbage. My motto: I like enough stuff, I don’t have to like everything.


That’s too bad. I am sorry to hear that.

Lima beans, Brussels sprouts, okra, bitter greens and slimy textured items.


Tastes clearly vary. Some of the stuff that people are yucking I love.

I am one who also got over the cilantro thing. As a child into my early adult years, I could not abide the flavor of it. Ruined anything it touched. Then at some point in my 20s, I could take it in various SE Asian dishes. Then it spilled over into Mexican. Guac doesn’t taste right to me without it. Too bland otherwise. Still tastes soapy but I like it.

One thing I cannot stomach despite many attempts is tripe. When I was young, my mom would make it. I recall seeing that giant mass of honey comb textured greyness soaking in the sink. Would have to choke down small quantities for dinner. Hearing that there are famous French and Italian dishes for it I tried it again and again. The last time I was having a dish in Rome. The first bite wasn’t too bad. About a quarter of the way through the dish, the funk overwhelmed me. Just had to stop. Have not tried it again. Won’t do it any more. Sweetbreads and liver on the other hand I adore. Brain not so much.


So, I’ve only ever had Korean style tripe. I couldn’t stomach the smell of any other varieties. But then, I think anything slathered in gochujang and other strong Korean flavors can make anything taste good. Or at least better than other world cuisines. In fact, some people who like to hunt and are friends will use the spicy pork sauce on game meat to make the gamey flavor if it’s too much. I don’t know how you feel about eating baby animals, but the best tripe isn’t from adult animals. Milk fed only animals don’t have that gamey taste. Or not as much. But then again, how many tripe attempts should anyone make in one lifetime?!?!?!

I love cilantro. I don’t have the soap gene, though.

When it comes to food, texture freaks me out more than flavor normally. Which is why I hate desiccated coconut and yet can eat most other iterations without too much issue.