Font style change?

The font on this website changed a couple days ago from the normal font to something a bit more difficult to read. Anyone else notice this? I first thought it was my computer, but it’s doing this on both my home and work computers, and it’s only on this one site…

Just fixed this. the font file got migrated and the system didn’t like it. let me know if you still have issues.

I don’t like the new font at all.

Not only is it smaller and more difficult to read but the “serif” style looks very old fashioned to my mind.

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Still looks the same on my end…

there isn’t supposed to be a new font.

seems like the system can’t read the font we’ve been using, and default to some random font.

What are you using?

I see normal font in:
Desktop- Chrome, Firefox, Edge
Mobile- Chrome in iOS

I see weird font in:
Tablet- Safari
Mobile- Safari

I am stumped.

I’m on Firefox.

I’m seeing what I think may be Times New Roman, if that helps.

I think I really fixed it this time. Let me know if you still see an issue.

I really liked this new font

I’m using Firefox on Ubuntu. The font appears to me to be the same as earlier, just in a larger size.

larger? I didn’t make it larger. how much larger?

The discussion pages are as I remember them. But the menu pages seem to have a font that is a point or two larger.


Ignore my email I sent to admin@ho - the password reset email finally arrived.

I’d cleared cookies and cache.

And the font is still the same for me - no change in size either.

It’s fixed now, not more serif! YAY!


Now it seems back to usual.

Now it became Helvetica / Arial and type size is much smaller!

Always the same for me. In “options”, unclick “allow sites to use their own fonts/colours” etc.

The knife fork icon is gone!

And has been replaced by the dreaded heart.

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