Font style change?

Yes … yikes!

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Hmm. I think I fixed everything for real this time. Everything should be back to normal. If not, please let me know.


On Firefox, knife/fork icon is back, font is still Times New Roman.

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Had a look on Firefox, serif fonts too.

On my mobile I’m seeing the normal font. On my laptop with Firefox, Times New Roman! Weird.

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I think the font is restored in all the browsers I can get my hands on. Please let me know if it is still an issue.

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Thanks, it is good for me now.

The serif font is back again. And before the last correction, when one chose the Latest category, the number of unread or unlooked at posts would appear in the Firefox Hungry Onion tab. Since the last correction this is no longer the case.

me too.

any luck now @bcc @boogiebaby?

No change.

The serif font has gone away, but now it’s a much darker font, almost bold.

I’m using Chrome.

me too on my laptop with Firefox

There are 3 font files that the web site use. The browser picks which 1 of the 3 to use. Assuming whatever I do tonight didn’t change things (you let me know), I will have to ‘disable’ one of the font files at a time to isolate which one is the culprit.

Serif is still there on mobile version of safari.

The small serif is back for me - 11.25 UK time.

I’m on Firefox if that makes a difference.

OK. You are going to have to bear with me on this issue for a little bit. I have the hardest time getting the font we have been using to behave properly. So for now, and until I figure out what’s wrong (which may take a while), I have default the fall back font to a Sans font that is closer to the original, instead of Serif.

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Don’t worry we can obsessively complain about it pretty much endlessly. In stupefying detail.

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Font change happens again, this time to another sans serif, so it is better.

However, I don’t know if it is only me, the recent images have all gone blank, couldn’t see them even when they are enlarge.

Had that font for a couple of days. The regular one seems to be back now.

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