Fois Gras cubes

I bought some during some sale at Dartagnan several months ago, and stumbled on them today when I had to defrost my freezer.

I saw many familiar names when I searched and foodtalk central popped up!

I just want a snack for maybe six cubes.


I plan to serve hanger steak this evening, so if they work well together that would be good to know, but I don’t expect many fans in this house.

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How come I only stumble across freezer burned peas and not fois gras when I go through my freezer!?


I NEVER have enough fresh peas to freeze!

I have fennel too, so I think I’m making something like this. Probably minus the Sauce.

Recipe: Seared Foie Gras with Braised Fennel and Cracked Pepper Caramel Sauce

I like it seared though not as rare as served in most restaurants.

A little sweet goes well, but again I’m joy a big fan of the overly sweet and fruity versions that are most visible.

Your peppercorn caramel link looks like it would be tasty!

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Is it raw? I think so.

Saregama is right, sear very briefly. Watch out for spitting fat, though.

In Spain I had it seared and served on toasts. And on the same plate as my Iberico pork steak (also in Spain).

In Hungary I had it with beef.

If it’s not raw then you simply eat it spread on toast. At least how I do it.

(In Hungary) With apples

In Hungary

Foie paradise Hungary

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Thanks all!

While I did make the fennel, that is what I ended up doing with the fois gras cubes, and ate it with some chili jelly.


Now I’m making foie gras butter.


Great with triscuits! I also had some on steak. :shushing_face:


If you sear it long enough all you’ll have left is duck liver-flavored fat in the pan :wink:


If you add the salt and spices of your choice at step 1 plus a dollop of brandy, port or sweet wine, you’d end up with a decent terrine at the end of step 2. :innocent:

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