Fogo de chao hodown?

This popped up on my fb feed. I’ve never been to fogo and always wanted to check it out! One recently opened in Bridgewater.


I can’t speak to your local location, but I have dined at 4 different locations and recommend them highly. The service is great, the salad bar super. The meats are good, especially if you get them in the first few cuts before they get retired. But you can always pass on the dried out bits. I always find asking for medium rare gets you the best quality meat as far as temps are concern. Come ready to eat. The $39 deal is the best way to go.


Okay, 3 things here (mostly in jest).

(1) Heartily second your recommendation. (2) Argue with you about the salad bar - yes, it’s one of the best, but I only make a small token trip. I’m there for THE MEAT. (3) Mostly curious on this one, but I’ve never seen any dried out bits, either at Fogo or Texas de Brazil.

I have made a lifetime commitment to my food lifestyle: who grains, lots of veggies for fiber, fish with oil like smoked salmon etc. So I always take a plate first in prior atonement for the saturated fat feast to follow. And they have plenty that are better/good food choices: bean salad, lentils, grains, lots of veggies, Brazilian chicken salad, etc so I am not doing too severe a penance.

But if I blow off my usual portion control on saturated fats, might as well eat some MEAT. Agreed.


LoL. I have no commitment to grains etc. I just likeee dah meats!

Although I admit that my eating style is not the most healthy. Gotta Die Some Way, Yes?

I’m with you, when I go to places like this I don’t even look at the salad bar. The only veggies I get at brazilian is that salsa type thing. And if it counts, those bread crumby things, farofa.

Looks like I’ll have to make a trip! Thanks for the rec @cce and @dean


Thank you for the heads up! I am in the DC area for a couple days and have a Brazilian friend I want to treat to lunch. This could be a great option! I have never been and want to go.
And I will be brave. I will visit the salad bar first. But I may end up half filling a small plate. LOL!

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Please report back!

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We went to one in NYC on NYE with my PIC’s college buds many moons ago. The ‘salad’ bar was an amazing array of all kinds of salads, seafoods, shrimp cocktail, grains, deviled eggs, … you could make several meals of it, but unless you have 3 stomachs, I must echo the others here: save room for the meats, and don’t feel shy passing on cuts you’re not keen on. There will always be another skewer just around the corner :wink:


There are a couple of prior Fogo threads you might want to scan for which meats to prioritize :joy:

At lunchtime, they also have the option of salad bar + 1 generous meat portion, which would give you 2 to share if you go with a friend.


Here in Baltimore, it is about $27 for the salad bar and around a pound of sliced meat. I always go for the lamb sirloin.

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Fogo de Chao is the real deal! Great valet parking set up at the Tysons Corner one and a very nice modern glass dining room with a super staff. I was dining on my own and they were going to put me in a sun filled hot corner but when I asked for a different table they immediately offered me a different two top.
They seated me and took my drink order and I had the mashed potatoes, polenta, Brazilian cheese puffs and fried bananas set on my table as well as both of my waters. The Pisco Sour (I was Jones’in for South America cocktails) was good not great. The two main waiters and the 4 or 5 meat skewer servers were all friendly and welcoming.
I started with the salad bar but I have to admit that it did not really attract much of my attention.

One thing they did that I like is that they left the meat menu so you can see the names of the meats in both Portugese and the American names of the cuts. I did not get all the skewers, but I got all the ones I had hoped to see.

Then I flipped my card to Green and the meat started arriving.
Simply outstanding.
A touch salty but I did not want even a touch of salsa or sauce.


Fraldinha (bottom sirloin, looks like brisket?) was a bit firmer but delicious.

Medalhoes com Bacon were almost too rich. The bacon was so flavorful that I could not taste the steak that well. They had a very slight taste of liver, which seems odd but it was still rather good.

Cordeiro, a touch dry but tasty.

Linguica, my least favorite.

I wish I had taken notes. I guess my photos are my notes.


I suspect @KAOSKitchen will want to see this…

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Excellent pics!! I am drooling at that picanha. Love the cook on it. As for fraldinha, it seems unclear exactly what cut it’s supposed to be but I’ve heard it called skirt steak or flap meat, which do look like your picture, I’ve also heard bottom sirloin and flank steak, which definitely do not look like your picture.

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