Fogo de Chao, White Plains

Was wondering if anyone has been here (White Plains location).
I have heard that it is worlds better than Texas de Brazil.
The space looks wonderful in the photos, and there are many good Yelp and Google reviews.

Anything to avoid, or not to miss? I’m attending a birthday party there in a few weeks and thought I’d see what HO users thought of the place.

The space is awesome, a former Bank of New York. They don’t build them like that anymore. The Fogo people spruced it up with massive windows, wine display, and beautiful bar area. I have been there several times and enjoyed but bring a hearty appetite. Have had good wings and apps during their happy hours, their Market Table is loaded (a meal in itself), the cheese bread, and delicious cuts of Picanha Top Sirloin, and Ancho Rib Eye. Their chimichurri sauce is addicting. Enjoy!


No, but I was not impressed with the Fogo de Chao in Minneapolis. Certainly a fun atmosphere for a party. Enjoy!!

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Oh yes, the space is gorgeous! It was the perfect setting for a 40th birthday. There is a steakhouse/old money vibe (suitable since it was a bank) but the windows keep it from being stuffy.

Overall the food was very good. I especially liked the linguica sausage, lamb chops and top sirloin. The bacon chicken medallions were meh–chicken was very dry. The chicken legs however were juicy and delicious.

The market table was abundantly stocked–I was pleased at the selection of roasted vegetables. My fave was the artichoke hearts, and the roasted baby peppers were a close second. They also thoughtfully included some papaya slices in the mix–great for helping to digest the meats. There is also smoked salmon, sliced salami, assorted cheeses, good bread and a bunch of different salad greens to round out the meal. Don’t miss the rice and black beans on the table across from it though–they are quite good!

The service was paced so the meat portions were not overwhelming. I didn’t get to all of the meat selections, but I was pleased with what I had. Since this was a group of 12 it all worked well for us. Not sure how the churrasco experience translates in a smaller group, though I would be willing to try.

There is also a good selection of wine and cocktails offered at $7 each even at dinner. The Malbec and caipirinha were both quite good, especially at this price. Birthday girl brought her own cake and I think there was a nominal plate charge.

Overall a pretty good place for a larger group. The Churrasco (which includes the market table), a glass of Malbec or two plus tip runs about $100 per person.

I would definitely recommend.


Sounds great! Is the market table sort of like the salad bar that I hear other restaurants like this have?


The setting sounds beautiful! Glad it was a successful birthday meal.

I find that with churrascaria meals, strategy is key, lol. Go hungry, mostly avoid the market table / salad bar, and skip most of the meats to hold out for the better ones that come later.


Hi @TheLibrarian28 ,

Thanks to @Saregama for telling me that you also had a thread talking about White Plains’ Fogo, but yes, of the Fogo de Chaos we’ve visited in our area, it’s pretty impressive (the best extensive salad bar Churrascaria-style that we’ve encountered so far. I posted some pics and thoughts here if you wanted to see some pics.) Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Thanks! My vegan daughter was in Panama for work, and her boss took her to a churrascaria twice for dinner. She was worried but said the salad bar had some of the best food she’d ever eaten!


My vegetarian mom loved it too. In addition to the wide range of antipasti and other things, the risotto and pasta were excellent.


I can’t speak to the other places, but this “salad bar” is much more than that. It’s full of beautiful roasted veggies, sliced fresh fruit, salami, cheese, assorted prepared salads, greens, rice, soup, beans, bread.
One could make a really good meal out of just this. It’s worlds better than, say, a Ruby Tuesday salad bar. Much higher quality.


I see that your bacon wrapped chicken was dark meat. in WP, they used breast meat. That is a crucial difference!

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Sounds wonderful! It must be hard not to fill up on that and be too full for the meat.

The Minneapolis Fogo’s salad bar is good but in my opinion the meats are poor quality. I would not recommend the Minneapolis location for regular dining.

However for a large party I imagine it would be a grand time.

Based on @Chowseeker1999 experience vs. mine with the bacon wrapped chicken, it seems that the quality does vary based on location.


I noticed that they have a weekday lunch special where you can do just the buffet for $15. I don’t eat most meat items, so I was wondering if I could make a meal of the buffet. It’s $32.95 at dinner and weekend brunch.

You can. @iluvcookies’ description of the salad bar is nearly identical to the Fogo de Chao here in Kansas City. Lots of really appealing choices. Our friends from the Berkshires always want to eat there when they’re in town visiting their son.

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