Flouring or not pounded chicken cutlets? - quick question


I haven’t used ‘cutlets’ in a while. I’m going to pound and then saute’. Do you generally lightly flour before cooking or not. Is the flouring supposed to ‘protect’ the meat? TIA.



You don’t have to use flour . But for myself I would lightly four the cutlets . Cook on med low in butter or O.Oil. makes for a better pan sauce . I don’t know about protecting the meat . I would worry about it .



Thanks. I also thought about the fact that the flour will help thicken the sauce.


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I flour mine. I think it helps -a little with getting a good sear/crust on them. Mostly though, for me, it really helps to thicken and give body to the sauce.

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Seasoned Flour !!! You have already addressed its best use is for chicken with a sauce, but always season your flour!

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Butter AND OO is the way to go :smile:



I do it either way, depending on what type of sauce I’m making. The family has voted down flouring for Italian-style pan sauces so I season the meat directly and then finish the sauce with a tablespoon or so of butter. Other times I will use a light dredging of seasoned flour. I don’t view the flour as protection, rather as a means of thickening the sauce and giving a slight crust to the chicken.

And yes, a combination of olive oil and butter is a great sauteing medium.

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I may film the pan with butter/oil, but I recently tried something I saw on ATK, with great results: Put breast pieces (pounded or not) skin side down, into a COLD, clean pan. Weight them, heat the pan gradually. The skin becomes very crisp, thoroughly rendered, and releases cleanly.

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Oops, I guess I didn’t mention these are boneless, skinless, something I rarely cook any more. Thanks, Grey.



There are a few recipes where I still prefer boneless, skinless breast. I butterfly, pound and brine them for an hour or so, then dredge in seasoned flour and cook for a couple of minutes on each side over medium-high heat in a thin layer of oil until lightly browned.



That’s what I’m planning with butter and oo and then a perhaps mushroom, cream, mustard ? sauce. And probably rice (hence the sauce) and sauteed kale. If I don’t put mushrooms in the sauce I’ll put them with the kale.


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Tarragon goes well with all of those things. Also, some matchstick-cut carrots would be nice.

one of my favorite easy chicken recipes, from my most tattered cookbook:


of course, I use dried tarragon.


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Piccata is always a hit at casa lingua. Easy, fast, delish.



I’ve still got some tarragon. Good idea. And, lingua, we LOVE piccata. I do it quite a bit with pork. Thanks.



beat me to the punch re evoo AND butter. clarified butter is also good. trader joe’s sells it 8 ounces for $3.99