Fissler- Ring of Fire

Has anyone had a problem cooking on a gas stove with the Fissler getting the “Ring of Fire?” I love my Fissler Profi, but currently have an electric stove. Am wanting to get a gas stove and was wondering if this will be a problem.

I have a Fissler and a gas stove. What does the Ring of Fire mean?

a ring of burn marks over time

I use Fissler Profi almost daily on my gas stove, in particular smaller diameter sauce pans (20 cm), and without any problems. So, no scorching of food or oil, even when I fry some chicken in this 20 cm pan.

IMO, it will only be an issue if the flames lick the transition between the disk and the single-ply wall AND you have food positioned there.

I believe “ring of fire”, when referring to disc bottom pans, isn’t the burn marks (at least not directly) but rather where the disc allows a gas flame to heat the edges and sidewalls to a much higher temperature than the rest of the cooking surface. On an electric stove you end up with the opposite.

I don’t think it is an issue with Fissler straight walled cookware due to the disc extending all the way to the edge.