Fissler Original Profi stockpot - a question !?!

I don’t have a scale, but going by the Fissler USA website and comparing for the pieces I have, the older version is heavier:

0.50 lbs for the roaster
0.30 lbs for the 24cm 6.7 qt stock pot and 9.6 qt stock pots

They probably weigh the vessel and the lid. Since the handles are also different between the collections you can’t isolate where the difference is coming from. I’d guess it’s the handles that look more slender in the new collection.

Comparing the 24 cm serving pans, the weights are the same at 2.50 lbs. Handle attachment style is different though with the loop ends directly welded to the vessel contrasted with the flange style of the pots.

I guess we’ll never know…

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Two left field additions could include: the 16 cm milk pot, which I use more often than expected. And then the 20 cm tall saucepan, which is great pan for cooking pasta, boiling vegetables, making stock, and so on.

Oh, we might, but it’d take someone with sufficient interest, money and tools to find out. What we now do know is that we shouldn’t assume there’s more aluminum in the Original/New/Original/New than in the Original/New/Original.

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Hi Maxamps , I also research on the weight of the 28cm roaster pot, there is a difference of 200g /0.5lb between the old and the new one. I am not sure if the weight difference is due to the disc bottom design change or not. The cookstar base is also upgraded for the new line, (5 Y-shape vs 4 Y-shapes) at the bottom, indicating that the new line could heat up a bit faster due to the more expose of Aluminum base.