Fishing for StriperGuy

There’s a short “Where’s StriperGuy?” discussion on the Armenian markets thread:

Rather than have that stream flow in an unrelated direction, I thought it best to start a new topic. Plus this may increase the chances that SG will take the bait…

For those who do not know, this old Chowhound post gives you a flavor of SG:

It’s also a fascinating snapshot of the Boston food scene at the time.

SG’s last posts on CH were from around late 2015:

Anybody know what he’s up to now? As mentioned on the other thread, he did have a new baby, and I know from experience how much that can take over your life. Still, one can hope that he’ll resurface here.


I also wonder where is Itaunas, and EATTV, or EATV? The latter did a month long dining fest on CH. I don’t have time to search for it, but it was incredible.

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Hello fellow food lovers…


Wow! Is that really you? Welcome!

seriously? best news ever!

Hey, StriperGuy! You’ve obviously been missed!

OK, time to get down to business, Striper G:
What have you been eating? I want to eat there, too.


Welcome StriperGuy, we are so glad to have you join us! What’s your latest good eats?

Hi folks, I will admit to being stranded in the Metro West food desert (I have young kids so don’t get out as much as I used to). I do a lot of cooking at home. I’ve taken my bread baking to new levels ;-)…

Oh and I live 4 blocks from a great fishing pond, so should probably change my name to LargeMouthBassGuy (which probably fits in more ways than one) :wink:

That said, here are a few:

Villatoro Restaurant & Cafe (Guatemalan)
2156, 353 Lincoln St, Marlborough, MA 01752
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Phone: (508) 460-0591

Sichuan Gurmet
91 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM
Phone: (781) 221-7288

And I absolutely LOVE Heng Lay in Lowell.

Hope you all are well.


And @StriperGuy surfaces! (Sorry, can’t help myself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) May I suggest TroutGuy if you are taking name suggestions? There are some great rainbow trout ponds in MetroWest/Central Mass around about now!

I work in Metro West and there are still good places around there…If you like Sichuan Gourmet I think China Gourmet on Route 9 might be of interest. Westborough Korean restaurant is also a solid option. The only thing missing around the 'boros are a good solid bowl of pho…

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I’d give my right arm for good Vietnamese (my fav cuisine.)!

Westborough Korean is a good tip, I’ll have to try it as well.

On the Chinese front there are a couple of good ones in Concord and Acton:

Asian Gourmet (West Concord on Route 2)
Very good Taiwanese (ignore the atrocious Tepanyaki tables.)

Spicepepper Garden in Acton just off the rotary at the prison. Good to excellent Szechuan and lots of nice homey dishes.

And they just stocked my local pond… caught this on a gold spoon 10 days ago…TroutGuy


I completley agree about both Asian Gourmet and Spicepepper garden. Haven’t tried the Korean, but it’s now on my list.

I have only been to Heng Lay once for their excellent wings. Since the menu is unfamiliar to me, I could do with some recommendation. I eat (almost) anything. Sichuan Gourmet in Burlington is close to me and a real favorite.

StriperGuy and Ferrari328, any particular dishes you recommend at Asian Gourmet and Spicepepper Garden? (I love Sichuan Gourmet in Framingham and Burlington; are there dishes that are better at Spicepepper Garden?)

Heng Lay: Gosh any of the soups, the salads are really interesting. They do a beautiful Chow Fun.

The Sour Cambodian soup with pork is so rich. Heck, pretty much anything on the menu… though those chicken wings are hard to beat.

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That’s a nice catch! My husband has been taking advantage of the recent stocking as well. I usually hot smoke them over tea leaves, and they are excellent in a cream cheese spread with a bagel from Brooklyn Water Bagels (also a Metrowest gem) or with some pita chips.

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Asian Gourmet: whatever the dish is with pork fermented veg and those chunky rice disk noodles (Korean’s would call them Dok.) Clams with black bean sauce. Pretty much anything on the Taiwanese menu is good to excellent.

For Spicepepper, likewise, just stay away from the Americanized/familiar items. Good stuff includes:

  • Fish in spicy hotpot
  • Tea smoked duck
  • Water Spinach
  • Pea tendrils
  • Sliced tendon appetizer
  • Pretty much any of the Szechuan items…



Striper, there’s a really friendly “What’s for Dinner” group on the Homecooking board if you ever need inspiration.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

when I went in December, I got the sweet and sour chicken soup there, and it was amazing,

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