Fishing for StriperGuy

Great to have you back…

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Thank you :wink:

@StriperGuy I have a coworker who lives in Acton who also lived in China for awhile. She was pretty skeptical of the place based on how it looked, but I sent her this post (and said you were pretty reliable, heh) & she went with her husband and they loved it. Thanks for the rec, hope to get there myself someday.

Yeah there are MANY good dishes on that menu. Decent renditions of Sichuan classics, good soups, they do a beautiful job with pea tendrils and also water spinach. Their tendon appetizer is excellent for the more adventurous. The do the Sichuan caldron of either fish or beef in a sea of Ma la spicy oil fairly well. Not gonna win any Michelin stars, but the food is yummy.

The owner is a real sweeheart… one of the waitresses is kind of a parody of a brusque wait staff with no clue of what Americans expect in terms of “service with a smile”. She gets the food on the table, but does not suffer fools lightly.