Fish thickness measuring tool

I used to have a wonderful simple tool that measured the thickness of a piece of fish so that you could cook it correctly with a base of 450 for 10 minutes per inch. I’d like to find another one, but only found one (described as “vintage”, like me, I guess) online that was already sold at an auction house. It looked like a small metal fish with a red plastic moveable measuring piece. Does anyone know where I could get one? It was genius! Thanks.

I had never heard of this or seen one . . so did a quick google search and found an image of this . . .it was a link to an Etsy page but the product doesn’t exist there . . . something like this? maybe this can help you track it down if it is . . .



That’s exactly it! I’ll keep looking.

found it on Etsy - only $10 . . . .


Hope you just bought it - because now it says sold out . . .and I can’t imagine it sold this quickly after I posted it, if it wasn’t you or someone else on here looking to do a quick flip for a profit . . . hope it was you

Thank you so much. Just bought it. Ironically the dealer is about 20 minutes away from me! Yesterday was my birthday so I’m considering this a belated present. :grinning:


… and everyone lived happily ever after! Love this.

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Don’t you love it? Thanks to HO and @Thimes, I found exactly what I wanted at a tolerable price, in around 30 minutes from beginning to end.
As my late father said at the end of every book he read to us - They all lived happily ever after and they all went to the seashore. I carried on that family tradition as a school librarian. (He said it was from Zorba the Greek, but I’ve never verified that.)


Happy belated!


Happy belated birthday! May you live happily ever after and go to the seashore. :grinning: