Fish and chips in [Toronto] and [the GTA]

I don’t think we have a dedicated thread on this topic, so I thought I would start one as we just tried Sea Witch for the first time.

I’m fussy about fish and chips. Too many local places disappoint me with their frying, delivering fish that is covered in heavy, oil-soaked batter. Sea Witch gets it partly right - the batter is light and crispy, but it is fairly oily. So we did start peeling it off the fish after a certain point.

The fish itself is a nice selection of Ocean Wise options: halibut, haddock, pickerel, trout, and ocean perch (special). Of course we had to sample all of them, so we got only one order with chips.

All the fish was very fresh. The haddock, trout, and ocean perch were all cooked perfectly, just barely done. The halibut and pickerel were just a few steps further unfortunately.

The fries were hand cut, crispy, and quite tasty - and not particularly oily. The cole slaw was very tangy, providing a helpful reprieve from the richness of the rest of the meal.

The hidden gem on the menu is the chowder. It has huge chunks of fish and is neither overly creamy nor overly rich.

Where else would any of you recommend? Olde Yorke is OK, but not fantastic. I haven’t tried Fresco’s.


I did not enjoy Fresco’s. Someone married to a Scot recommended it. I wouldn’t bother.

The Oxley’s sit-down gastropub version is decent. I’d say 7.5/10. It is pricey, would have been $28ish last time I ordered it in the winter. It doesn’t travel that well. Try the sticky toffee pudding if you dine in. The current price as of today , Oct 29, 2023, is $29 before tax.

The Duke of York version is decent for an affordable pub.

Harbord Fish & Chips changed hands a few years ago . It was awful when I tried it in the summer of 2021.

I have heard good things about Man of Kent on Ossington, from a friend who is a chef . It is on my list for places to try.

I liked My Place Fish & Chips at 2577 Vic Park near Johnny’s Hamburgers and Athens Pastries (near Sheppard), when I stopped there in 2017 or 2018. I will check to see if it’s still in business.

Some places mentioned here

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Thanks for starting this thread. I enjoyed freshco but haven’t been in ages.
Recently I have been going to Duke of York and enjoy their Fish and Chips (I sub the chips to sweet potato wedges) . With a close proximity it’s a no brainer for moi. I think they have a promo price on it Fridays but I haven’t tried it on promo yet
A hefty portion though they have small sized one as well.


The The Caledonian on College has a haddock fish and chips for $22. Chances are I will order that before I get to the Man of Kent. Man of Kent has a small order at $18, large order at $24.

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I still have not tried The Oxley. On my endless to-do list.

I liked Harbord Fish & Chips back in the late 80s or 90s. Haven’t been since.

There was one out in Etobicoke that I tried years ago - very British. It was also underwhelming.

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Sometimes, the Oxley doesn’t fry its chips hot enough, in my experience. I love the space, and I like the staff.

I find the food a little overpriced for what it is, even taking the location into account. I always expect the food to taste a little better than it ends up tasting. Their Sunday roast is quite good. I think that is the meal I’ve enjoyed the most over the last 3 years at the Oxley.

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You should give this local hidden gem a try! One of the best Fish & Chips products I’ve eaten in the GTA! Fresh flavourful products, generous portion and ’ greaseless '!

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Yeah Oxley is pricey for that type of food IMO. I like the location but have only tried the food a few times.
I recall trying the Fish & Chips but don’t remember it making an impression. Maybe next trip.

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For pub food fairly close to Yorkville, I prefer the Rebel House. I have been going there occasionally for 25 years. I just checked the menu, and the Rebel House doesn’t currently serve fish and chips.

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Len Duckworths

Len Duckworths

So I’d like to offer an unpopular opinion here. I used to live like 15 mins walk from them and ALL my neighbours said this place was the best. I felt their offering was too battered and their fry temp must have been too low because the batter was soaked in oil. Same with the fries. I thought Mike’s was slightly better but I heard his ?nephew-in-law? closed the shop after taking it over.

For me, Olde York is the minimum bar. If they can’t exceed Olde York, they’re not worth a visit.

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High Street and Hamish’s Kitchen restaurant are our go to when visiting my sister in Scarborough.
I prefer Hamish’s theses days, lighter, crispier batter but man has it gotten expensive. F&C is a once in a blue moon treat for me these days.