First NYS/CT HOdown- Saturday April 1st in Westchester!

Biodanonima, winecountrygirl, and I are excited to announce our first HOdown on April 1st at 12 noon. This one will be taking place in Westchester but stay tuned for more HOdowns in the future in different locations! (Coll has some ideas up her sleeve for Long Island in the summer months!)

A restaurant location is in the works and details (price estimate, etc.) will be ironed out once we know the size of our group.

Some of us have “known” each other for many years and it would be fun to put faces to usernames, so come and meet each other and eat some great food in the process!

Please post below if you are interested. RSVP by March 20, please, so we can best plan.


Looking forward to it, and that’s no joke! :wink:

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I’m coming…:yum:

If I can, I’ll try my dardest! :slight_smile:

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As it is on April 1,are you sure ppl. won’t show up to an empty or even out of business restaurant and a sign saying “April fools”.Actually sounds pretty interesting and something to consider. (Hard for me to plan in advance, but sounds like a good idea and would try for it.

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We’d love to have you, Rich! We will need a yes or no by March 20 for planning. You can always cancel if you have to (I hope not).

Try!!! Let us know!!

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I’m not in WC as much as I used to be, but I’ll try and keep the date open. Would be interesting to see everyone’s opinion of a restaurant on a level playing field


DH and I will try to join you! Sounds like fun!

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Glad to hear that there is interest in this! We’ll get more details out soon.

I see you did tons of research asking members what their input is before setting a date…

and location…

or even if they want to do this…

JMF - I messaged you


I kind of feel the same way about this
it’s not how they do it in NJ …

First off … thank you to the folks who volunteered their services.
My intention is not to be critical, although it may seem that way.
I have the same interests as the rest of you, to make this site work.
Many of us having come from the extremely dysfunctional CH site
are still somewhere between reeling, being slightly pissed off and feeling powerless.
If you want to shame me for being sensitive … please don’t … just sharing that the OP feels
a little patronizing IMO. I’m certain it wasn’t meant that way and this is just my opinion.
Best of luck to all and thank you for doing a thankless job!

Personally I feel that some of the same cliques from Chowhound that caused it to go downhill just basically moved to HO and are back to the same inanities.

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I’m sorry people feel this way. Did I miss something? I know I’m fairly new to HO (but I am one of the many repressed old timers from CH!) No cliquery here - I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to meet all of you. I’m hoping I can steal an hour or two from my kids and join everyone!

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We have only good intentions proposing a meetup, no patronizing or cliqueyness intended at all. There is a pinned thread going soliciting feedback including on this topic. I hope people will share their opinions! If there is a preferred way to plan, please share! We are all new at this as there has never been a NYS meetup before, so this is a learning experience for our board. We wanted to get this first one off the ground and if it ends up being successful hopefully it will be an impetus for others to plan them as well. I hope everyone feels welcome to attend.


I second this. Our intentions are all good - we love HO and want our board to thrive.