First NYS/CT HOdown- Saturday April 1st in Westchester!

I’d be interested depending on the restaurant/price. Would be great to meet people!


Great! I’ve been wanting to meet you for a while!!!

Any hints on where and how much it might be? Might get more responses with at least some idea. Jest sayin

We will get something out later today. We are checking prices, etc. Thanks, Rich.

Hi everyone,

Biondanonima, winecountrygirl and I are looking for feedback from interested members on two choices for lunch on Saturday April 1 at noon.

Right now we have three yes replies and six maybes. If you are interested, please reply with your preference for restaurant and remember that we would like to have a firmer count of attendees by 3/20. Both these places get a lot of love on the board and are located fairly centrally. The menus have lots of options at different price points. Remember this is just the first meetup of what we hope will be many to follow, and all members are welcome to create and join meetups!

  1. Fortina in Armonk- group count number is important for this one. If we are a group of 8 or fewer, we can simply order a la carte.

  2. Village Social in Mt. Kisco

Thanks in advance!

I’ll throw in a vote for Fortina, although I would be perfectly happy with Village Social as well. One question about Fortina, though - I just checked the website and it states that the lunch menu is available on Saturdays from 12-5 but also that the brunch menu starts at 12 on Saturdays. Does anyone know if both are actually available? The brunch menu has a few “breakfasty” items added but all of the secondi are eliminated (and I am dying to try that chicken parm!). If no one knows, I’ll call and try to get the scoop!

I think Imperial Wok in North White Plains would be a good place to meet folks for a first time get together. There are several larger round tables in the main dining room upstairs and If you end up with a larger party they have those enormous round tables in the smaller side dining room. I think they would be more receptive to people arriving at different times and there is usually just the right amount of a scene on a Saturday afternoon to make the place interesting, animated and comfortable. Rich there is an upstairs entrance, there may be a step, I just can’t recall. The Indian buffet, Royal Palace on Knollwood road would also be a good spot for mingling, walking around the buffet area, it’s roomy with individual stations spread out … I know not everyone is a fan of Indian … just my two cents. These two suggestions are as much about a conducive atmosphere to talk and get to know one another as they are about the food. If you have already decided between the two places mentioned up thread then
" never mind" perhaps for a next time.
EDIT: both places have parking lots

Thanks all for the ideas. As we don’t know each other well, we intentionally chose places that cater to many tastes and preferences. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you’re not interested in this meetup that’s fine but the unnecessary bashing of the tastebuds of people in our area is not constructive.

Chowdom, it would be wonderful if you could start your own thread for the next meetup at Imperial Wok. Please let us know if you’d like to attend this meetup.

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Don’t know if I can make it but I will throw in my 2 cents anyway. If you hips are widespread, as mine are, you don’t want to go to Fortina. The rails on the sides of the seats cut into your hips and thighs. As a result I found it impossible to enjoy my meal there. I only do takeout from there when I am in the mood. But Thank You to the organizers for taking the time and effort setting this up. Great idea and I hope this becomes a regular event.

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Hi - thanks, foodygrandma. I have never noticed rails on the sides of the chairs at Fortina in Armonk - in the main dining room, they are totally open. Were you sitting at the bar? We’d love to have you - let us know!

I’m going to put in one vote for Village Social. I really enjoy both places but I’d definitely be able to carve out an hour or so from my brood of boys since I live close by. Hopefully, the parking gods will smile down on us too. :slight_smile:

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I’m good with Village Social too. Either works,for me. I think parking will be fine at noon on a Saturday. Pardon my random commas - IPad keyboard!

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My error. I just looked at the dining room pictures online and yes, there are no rails on the side of the chairs. Must have been thinking of another place. Would love to join you, but cannot on April 1. Enjoy!

Just FYI everyone - I called Fortina and they do serve both the lunch and brunch menus on Saturday afternoons. They do a family-style prix-fixe for groups larger than 8 - the price is between $27-40pp depending on which items you choose. That seems a bit steep to me for lunch, and the selection is somewhat limited, so perhaps Fortina should be an option only with a group smaller than 8?

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Sorry you can’t make it!

Yes, that sounds steep for brunch. Thanks for doing the research!

I’m nudging the people below who responded maybe… have any of your maybes turned to yeses? :slight_smile:

I’d be OK with Village Social. What’s the plan, separate checks? I think we may be going out to dinner that night and I don’t really want to eat a big lunch (or spend a lot). Not sure if my wife would join us. Are other spouses attending or just the HO’ers?

Fortina sounds too expensive.

I like the idea of Imperial Wok or an Indian place with a nice buffet for #2. Or the food court at H Mart if you can reserve a table :smile:

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If Village Social is our destination - a huge Yes! April 1st is the last Saturday before all the spring sports mayhem begins and I’ll definitely be able to carve out an hour or so. :slight_smile:

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Haha it looks like imperial work is on deck for our next meetup! If someone wants to step in and try a hand at planning a HOdown there that would be great!

I’m fine with either place so if no one else who was a maybe has an opinion we will likely go with ViLlage Social based on the opinions expressed so far.

We will try to arrange for separate checks but in any case please bring cash.

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