First Ave. Atlantic Highlands NJ best foodie street ever

We started up near rt 36 at The Flaky Tart. Their menu is all online and you have to call to order and pay. When you get there they will bring it to your car. Raspberry Sandbars, Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake, Smores Tart, OMG! We are so lucky to have this place still baking.

Next we drove a couple of blocks towards the water and parked again. Be prepared to wait as we got to Una Pizza at 2:15, just fifteen minutes after they opened. We ordered and were told to come pick it up at 3:20. But Tony is the master, so we had an hour to kill.

It was hot, but we looked around and right across the street was Nicholas Creamery! Some ice cream made the day a little cooler as we walked back towards the car. I was surprised to find Kunya Siam open for lunch so I ordered a papaya salad and some fried rice that I will eat for breakfast tomorrow. They always put out quality Thai food there and they told me to come back in only 10 minutes!

In the park across the street there was a farmer’s market. I got some nice sweet potatoes and yellow peaches and also some half-sours from Picklicious.

Finally 3:20 came and we picked up our pizza. Now some people may scoff at waiting an hour or two for a pizza. Others may giggle at me paying $100 including tax and tip for four small pizzas. All I respond with is that you have to try it. If possible, come prepared to sit outside on one of the public benches or tailgate but eat one Margarita pie while it’s hot. It was still awesomely good when we got it to the store in Red Bank, but hot …

In the space of only a few blocks on one street AH has Flaky Tart, Kunya Siam, Una Pizza, and Nicholas Creamery. Can anyone think of another contender for best foodie street ever?


also Christines and Copper Canyon as well.


How do you mention Nicholas Creamery and not tell us what flavors you had??


Lol @CurlzNJ

One chocolate milkshake and a scoop of the coffee crunch

That coffee crunch is one of my top 3 flavors there. Chocolate? YAWN. But I still love you anyway.


That pizza is worth double the wait. If you wanted later were you able to pick your time?

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I have no idea @tomt

I just quickly agreed that I could come back at 3:20.


Was driving by yesterday around 2:45 and was happily surprised that due to a glitch in the matrix I could get a pizza immediately. Got a margherita, an Apollonia, and my new favorite, marinara with anchovy. Also enjoyed the Carton beer.

With no shame I will say the marinara got housed in the car and I ended up with sauce on my shirt and shorts.


Hit up the holy trinity — Una, Nicholas Creamery, Flaky Tart. What an afternoon of good eating. For those keeping score, arrived at Una at 1:30 for its 2 pm opening and was second on line. 3 pizzas ready by 2:15. Quite easy.


Were they doing indoor seating?

@tomt Nope.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold