First Ave. Atlantic Highlands NJ best foodie street ever

We started up near rt 36 at The Flaky Tart. Their menu is all online and you have to call to order and pay. When you get there they will bring it to your car. Raspberry Sandbars, Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake, Smores Tart, OMG! We are so lucky to have this place still baking.

Next we drove a couple of blocks towards the water and parked again. Be prepared to wait as we got to Una Pizza at 2:15, just fifteen minutes after they opened. We ordered and were told to come pick it up at 3:20. But Tony is the master, so we had an hour to kill.

It was hot, but we looked around and right across the street was Nicholas Creamery! Some ice cream made the day a little cooler as we walked back towards the car. I was surprised to find Kunya Siam open for lunch so I ordered a papaya salad and some fried rice that I will eat for breakfast tomorrow. They always put out quality Thai food there and they told me to come back in only 10 minutes!

In the park across the street there was a farmer’s market. I got some nice sweet potatoes and yellow peaches and also some half-sours from Picklicious.

Finally 3:20 came and we picked up our pizza. Now some people may scoff at waiting an hour or two for a pizza. Others may giggle at me paying $100 including tax and tip for four small pizzas. All I respond with is that you have to try it. If possible, come prepared to sit outside on one of the public benches or tailgate but eat one Margarita pie while it’s hot. It was still awesomely good when we got it to the store in Red Bank, but hot …

In the space of only a few blocks on one street AH has Flaky Tart, Kunya Siam, Una Pizza, and Nicholas Creamery. Can anyone think of another contender for best foodie street ever?


also Christines and Copper Canyon as well.


How do you mention Nicholas Creamery and not tell us what flavors you had??


Lol @CurlzNJ

One chocolate milkshake and a scoop of the coffee crunch

That coffee crunch is one of my top 3 flavors there. Chocolate? YAWN. But I still love you anyway.


That pizza is worth double the wait. If you wanted later were you able to pick your time?

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I have no idea @tomt

I just quickly agreed that I could come back at 3:20.


Was driving by yesterday around 2:45 and was happily surprised that due to a glitch in the matrix I could get a pizza immediately. Got a margherita, an Apollonia, and my new favorite, marinara with anchovy. Also enjoyed the Carton beer.

With no shame I will say the marinara got housed in the car and I ended up with sauce on my shirt and shorts.


Hit up the holy trinity — Una, Nicholas Creamery, Flaky Tart. What an afternoon of good eating. For those keeping score, arrived at Una at 1:30 for its 2 pm opening and was second on line. 3 pizzas ready by 2:15. Quite easy.


Were they doing indoor seating?

@tomt Nope.

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Didn’t take any photos but these strange pickle sandwiches arrived in the break room at work. They came from a place called Peace Pickles Love or Elsie’s on 1st. Heard that this is their third location in spite of it being a pretty odd product.
It is a large pickle sliced in half and filled with cold cuts or falafel, not sure other options. Very difficult to eat and some of the flavor was good but did not leave me wanting more.
Anyone try this thing?


Pickle sandwiches have been an online Instagram thing for a while now. Not sure if this place does other things but doesn’t seem like it would be a sustainable business model


Went to my favorite street today. Since it was a Sunday at 11 am, that ruled out Una Pizza and Flour on First. But I knew that coming in and wanted to try the new bakery in Atlantic Highlands called Cookie & Crumb

I got a mini chocolate croissant, three scones, a mini quiche, and a slice of crumb cake. It’s all good so far.

Next we had lunch at Kunya Siam. We started with a Thai salad and a papaya salad. Despite the unusual yellow color, the peanut sauce on the Thai salad was very good as was the papaya salad.

Then we split a basil fried rice and tamarind jumbo shrimp - good as usual.

Also, I noticed a new BBQ place just a few stores up the road called Monty’s. Has anyone been?


Speaking of First Ave, I spent last Sunday going door to door to every business with a coworker for item donations for our museum’s upcoming event raffles.

It had been a while since inside some of these places, and there were a lot of new faces. I must say, Monty’s smelled incredible inside. Did not stop to eat, but chatting with the counter person for a bit left my mouth watering.

Managed an underground tour of Atlantic House by the owner and GM after telling them some Prohibition facts and the sordid history from the building’s earliest days. They took us to where the old tunnels used to be.

Did grab snacks at Cookie and Crumb. Delectable.

On an unrelated note, new plant shop Kennedy and Vine made a wonderfully generous donation to our organization and I wanted to give them a shout out.


Here’s an article about Cookie and Crumb

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Revisited today.

Flour on First was great as usual. They close at 2:30 so it was a perfect stop before Tony opens Una Pizza at 2. Don’t forget to visit on a Friday as they have a farmer’s market in the little park. We got some eggs from somebody’s chickens!

We were pleasantly surprised by Una Pizza now having indoor dining. These pies are meant to be eaten right out of the oven with the bottoms still slightly crispy with char and we enjoyed every bite. We shared a bianca with pepperoni and a margherita with pecorino romano and left very happy.

I had planned on getting some thai take out to bring home for tomorrow but Monty’s BBQ smelled too good to pass up. I got a full rack of ribs. They do the ribs in a dry rub style and they look and smell wonderful but I am still stuffed with pizza and pastry so I will report on those ribs another time.


You got to Una at 2 and got a table immediately? Or was there a wait at that time?


There was only one other couple in line to get in at 2 when they opened. The pies came out in 10 minutes or so after we ordered. It was great! The only hitch was that it was really hot in there. There was a steady stream of people picking up pies as we ate.


Went yesterday at 1:45, nobody in line so I stayed in my car. At just about 2 the line started, but not crazy like other days. Beach days and all, I’m sure help keep the early lines down.

Excellent as usual, even if a little underdone. Still great just missing that lightness that Anthony gets with his dough that makes you think you can eat 3 pies at one sitting. That may have been a function of time of day (oven temp), heat and humidity, or the fact that my order ticket was temporarily waylaid and they were hustling to get my pizzas out. Or some combo of the three.

Sat at the bar and had a couple of beers while they made the pies. Ate some there and took the rest home.