Monty's BBQ Atlantic Highlands

Rather than post about Monty’s in the Best Foodie St post here First Ave. Atlantic Highlands NJ best foodie street ever - #19 by seal I thought they deserved their own thread.

All I got for my to go order was a rack of ribs. It came with a piece of cornbread and small containers of pickles, cole slaw, and bbq sauce. The owner told me they use a dry rub before smoking, then baste lightly with sauce once, and finally finish with more of their dry rub. They do not make their own sauces, instead using and even selling jars of their favorite bbq sauces from many different styles.

I enjoyed the ribs a lot. They had a nice smoke flavor but I could still taste the meat. I liked them both unsauced and also dipped into the provided sauce. I wish I had gotten a sampler platter of all their different meats as I am wondering about their brisket even now.

Next time.


Anybody hitting up the Atlantic Highlands clam festival this weekend?