First Annual New Jersey Board Awards (Nominations) 2019


I’m standing by!

(Greg Caggiano) #43

Thank you all very much for submitting your Golden Onion (a.k.a. “Greggy”) nominations. These will now be tallied and surveys for final voting will be created by @CurlzNJ. The top three people in each category will be on the final ballot (in some cases as many as four, or as little as two depending on the numbers and if there were ties, etc).

The link to the surveys will be posted in a separate thread. Keep an eye out in the coming days.

(Junior) #44

Wait a minute! There’s another round of this?? I’ve got to wear these spanx and toupee another friggin week?? Ugghhhh life of a beauty queen. Gotta get another back wax…
(hey let me vote for the balding fat guy with back hair…said no one ever)

(Junior) #45

My apologies CJ, I thought when you made this post you had tallied the votes and were announcing them, not that you were placing yours. I should have read the entire post before I previously commented.


OK good …I’m not going crazy. I was like “what is he taking about?” Lol


It’ll be on the Texas board later today but it’s going to take awhile, I need to run to the store and there is some crawfish fettuccini to be consumed.

(David) #48

I deleted the incorrect voting thread.


In case you missed it, VOTING is now open in a separate thread…the link is at the bottom of the first post (by Greg).