First Annual New Jersey Board Awards (Nominations) 2019

Welcome to the first annual Golden Onion Awards for the New Jersey board here on the Hungry Onion. Below are the categories and instructions.


Poster with the Best Food Pictures
Poster with the Best Personal Culinary Creations**
Poster with the Best Restaurant Reviews
Poster with the Funniest Stories
Kindest Poster
Most Useful Poster
Best Thread

**Personal culinary creations include dishes made by yourself, your spouse or significant other, or friends you are dining with at home (yours or theirs). Restaurant meals/takeout not included.

There will be a two-step process in deciding the winners.

  1. Public Nominations. For each award, I am going to ask members to submit up to three candidates in the thread below by Monday, February 4th at 4 PM.

  2. The nominations will be then tallied and then a survey for private voting will be established by @CurlzNJ The top three candidates for each award will be on the final ballot. This will be posted/announced in a separate thread sometime after the 4th.

Responses in this thread should be ONLY your nominations. Please no explanations, side talk, or conversations as I need this to be easy for us to read through and count everyone.

Remember, these categories concern the NEW JERSEY board only.

You cannot nominate yourself for personal awards, however you can for Best Thread as sometimes we have no control over how a conversation will explode or take route.

This is the first time ever doing this, so after the voting and everything is complete, we can discuss improvements for next year, or new categories, etc.

My nominations will be in the first post, and please submit yours in a similar fashion:


My nominations are:

Poster with the Best Food Pictures: paryzer, corvettejohnny, seal

Poster with the Best Personal Culinary Creations: paryzer, corvettejohnny, tomt

Poster with the Best Restaurant Reviews: notjrvedivici, seal, paryzer

Poster with the Funniest Stories: notjrvedivici, corvettejohnny, seal

Kindest Poster: curlznj, gracieggg, joonjoon

Most Useful Poster: curlznj, joonjoon, seal

Best Thread: “Chinese Food…and Bowling?”, “The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread”, 'Russell and Bette’s Rumson"


In the words of @CurlzNJ, it is an honor just to be nominated! :grin:

I’ll need to think about this one before I cast my votes! Thanks for setting it up!


This is great fun! Without presently having the time to work through 3 nominees for each category (Greg’s nominees are pretty much spot on), let me state that I nominate goodparmesan for “Poster with the Best Restaurant Reviews” and “Most Useful Poster.” Love reading his stuff and looking at his photos.


I am honored to be nominated in three categories :blush:
Since @gcaggiano couldn’t nominate himself, I would like to nominate him for Poster with the best food pictures, poster with the best culinary creations, and poster with the best restaurant reviews.


Anyone remember @goodparmesan ? I nominate him for best restaurant review and most useful.

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Aw thanks Greg! I appreciate the love my friend!

Before this gets going I think we need to name these awards the "Greggy Awards " (get it…tony, emmy, greggy) :smile: so this should be the first annual greggy award ceremony. That is a cool name! You’re a great contributing member here so it would be cool to honor your name and I think it really works.


Yes, “Greggy” can be the unofficial nickname. :smiley:

Thank you!

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Best Texas poster?


I’m sure Greg can set up some regional Greggy awards. I love the houston boards and also the cali threads with all that amazing Asian food. You have my vote for several TX awards, along with @brucesw and @Lambowner


Unfortunately brucesw is MIA, hope he is ok.

Lambsy is a trusted source of information with whom I have broken bread with on several occasions.

I’m throwing my hat in the ring for Lambsy.

I’m hoping I can vote on the Awards, love the NJ board.

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You can, as long as it is based on posts made solely on NJ boards.

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:open_mouth: I’ve never even been to New Jersey! Well, Newark count?

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Not only is Newark in New Jersey but it is also considered by most to be one of the most glamorous & cosmopolitan high points of the state.


I’ve been to Newark EWR and tunneled into NYC, yikes I’m I a member of the bridge and tunnel crowd.


Someone nominated me for kindest poster? This has to be fake news. :yum:


Casting my votes now. Some of these were tough!

Poster with the Best Food Pictures - @paryzer
Poster with the Best Personal Culinary Creations** - Hands Down - Mrs. P by way of @paryzer, runner up nomination to @NotJrvedivici for party food and tons of food for his kid at college. YUM!
Poster with the Best Restaurant Reviews - @seal, @gcaggiano or CurlzNJ
Poster with the Funniest Stories - @NotJrvedivici ALL THOSE KARAOKE stories!
Kindest Poster - @heidicooksandbakes , @MsBean or @Rooster
Most Useful Poster - @gcaggiano, @corvette_johnny or @joonjoon
Best Thread - Ah too many too list , but the Pet Peeves one, Red Bank post and the famous What’s Your Beef takeover thread.


Greggie Nominations

Poster with the Best Food Pictures - @paryzer,@NotJrvedivici, @gcaggiano
Poster with the Best Personal Culinary Creations** -@paryzer, @gcaggiano
Poster with the Best Restaurant Reviews - @seal, @gracieggg, @ CurlzNJ
Poster with the Funniest Stories - @NotJrvedivici, @corvette_johnny, @joonjoon
Kindest Poster - @MsBean , @CurlzNJ, ,@seal
Most Useful Poster - @gcaggiano, @joonjoon, @corvette_johnny
Best Thread - The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread, NJ Food News


Wow so exciting watching all the “Greggy” votes coming in!! Seeing that there was a category for best pictures, I realized I had a couple on my phone I had been meaning to post, so why not here and now!!

You will see I recently went fishing, I’m trying to do a lot more farm to table at home. I caught this beauty and brought it home for dinner. You can see I made some fish Mc’nuggets, then a filet with some green things and lastly look how much I still had left over! Dinner for days!!! Anyway please go about your voting please don’t let me distract you with my beautiful farm to table fishing pics.