First Annual New Jersey Board Awards (Nominations) 2019


Poster with the Best Food Pictures @gcaggiano , @paryzer , @notjrvedivici

Poster with the Best Personal Culinary Creations** @paryzer, @seal @notjrvedivici

Poster with the Best Restaurant Reviews @goodparmesan, @gcaggiano @notjrvedivici

Poster with the Funniest Stories @notjrvedivici

Kindest Poster @gracieegg, @msbean

Most Useful Poster @goodparmesan, @joonjoon, @msbean

Best Thread “Chinese Food…and Bowling?” and the Russel and Bette thread with the insane manager texts

Um, @gcaggiano how do we not have a BIGGEST B*LL BUSTER category??

(Eli Paryzer) #22

Because there is no competition in that category. @NotJrvedivici is the winner hands down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


CORRECT! And first runner up is @BossaNova :joy:


I forgot to add the NJ Restaurant Peeves to my list of favorite threads…

(Greg Caggiano) #25

Yes, I think we can agree on that award hands-down.


I feel like this thread needs to have the Pierre story randomly inserted for any new members that don’t know the best food story in the universe :smile:

I showed my parents that story and my mom says “wow you know this guy?” I said, “know him? hell yeah …I hang out with him!” “Is he famous?”…“yeah you could say that Mom.” Haaha!


Poster with the Best Food Pictures: @gcaggiano , @paryzer , @notjrvedivici

Poster with the Best Personal Culinary Creations**: @paryzer, and Mrs P , @gcaggiano and Justin, @NotJrvedivici

Poster with the Best Restaurant Reviews: @goodparmesan, @gcaggiano @paryzer

Poster with the Funniest Stories @notjrvedivici, @corvette_johnny

Kindest Poster @gracieggg , @CurlzNJ

Most Useful Poster @goodparmesan, @joonjoon, @NotJrvedivici

Best Thread : Any one that is organizing another HOdown, What’s Cooking NJ, First Annual NJ Board Awards Nominations

(Dan) #28

I think you’re all aces. Thanks for making my first food forum experience informative and fun.


(Junior) #29

Before I miss the deadline!!! Here we go:

Poster with the Best Food Pictures @paryzer
Poster with the Best Personal Culinary Creations @Mr. Paryzer c/o @paryzer
Poster with the Best Restaurant Reviews @seal (though I must admit, you have to witness him review a restaurant in person to the owner/manager.) & @corvette_johnny @gcaggiano
Poster with the Funniest Stories @corvette_johnny
Kindest Poster @CurlzNJ @MsBean @gracieggg
Most Useful Poster EVERYONE !!!
Best Thread: Big Ole" Steak - Russel Bette’s

While this is a fun thread, it should be noted that regardless if you have been named here or not, you are all valuable contributors to this community. Like making the finest culinary dish(es) requires a delicate balance of ingredients to create the finished product, our community wouldn’t be as good as it is if it weren’t for everyone’s contributions. It doesn’t matter if your contributions are just a; “pinch of this or dash of that” - or if you are simply a consumer and rarely post. Everyone here is an equal part of the community and for that I THANK YOU ALL.

A couple of additional honorary mentions @BossaNova @joonjoon @jsfein all of whom I have had had the pleasure of meeting and breaking bread with.

I look forward to meeting many more of you in the future.



Couldn’t have said it better myself, @NotJrvedivici

(Dan) #32

fwiw, I have never felt excluded on this forum. Those stinkin badges made me feel like a HO member, 3k posts back.

But this thread is certainly indicative of the NJ contributions this year, thanks all!

(Greg Caggiano) #33

Time is running out! There still are many who have not voted! Deadline extended to midnight tonight!


Poster with the Best Food Pictures= Eli and Mrs p

Poster with the Best Personal Culinary Creations= Eli and Mrs p. John Babbit: although I’ve never tasted his offerings, he has some really creative stuff and I plan to drive over to try a bunch of his products now that football season is over.

Poster with the Best Restaurant Reviews: Greg for his mixed/unique reviews of different places, always oozing charisma and good for a laugh. Jr for the most thorough reviews of places that I gravitate toward. Goodparm for an outstanding variety with great pics too.

Poster with the Funniest Stories: jr!

(there are a few other people on here with hilarious stories but they aren’t NJ so we can’t vote for them. @jcostiones has my tx greggy vote!)

Kindest Poster: everyone here is very nice. I can’t pick one :slight_smile:

Most Useful Poster: this depends on what food you like, where you live, and a lot of variables. Joon has one of my votes. I’ve been following this dude for many years, and many years before HO on chowhound. He has turned me onto some cool spots, food hacks and different types of cuisine. Jr has another vote. My “diet” (alright let’s call it food and liquor consumption :):rofl: closely aligns with his style so I always look forward to his threads. And last but not least, your MC Greg. He lives in the next town over so he is a great source of local knowledge and he has an “eclectic” and diverse taste.

Best Thread= steak thread (I miss the Viking and he may just get a Greggy after this contest is over)

(Jimmy ) #35

You’re not alone.


This whole voting process confuses me. I cast my vote for corvette johnny in all categories.


thanks buddy! I can’t hold a candle in some categories but I try to make this forum a more fun and informative place. You’re definitely one of the most colorful characters on here! I always enjoy reading all your awesome stories. Fun times! Hopefully I can get down there and we can demolish some shellfish :wink:

(Junior) #38

Wait! How did you steal the announcement of the “Greggies” from @gcaggiano?? This is worse than Steve Harvey and the Oscars!!! Recount!!!


I’ve got a couple of epic ones coming manana, totally true and a co-worker says I should write a screenplay.


Greg is running the show. I just came up with the name :wink: It has a copyright now so can only refer to it now as the “big NJ HO food award” :smile:


He is a true food fan and is full of information. Maybe he will be back one day. He made this place a lot more interesting!