Filtering Fry Oil or Re-Use

This is mostly for Duffy (and her wolves)… I found this tonight, and thought it might be useful for those home cooks who (like me) lament paying $$ for large quantities of fresh oil every time they deep-fry.;jsessionid=FA996B67845E08F19A6B99C0C69F6494.mff-store4-1?categoryId=00462

For anyone who’s cooked doughnuts, slightly used oil is actually preferable because it is partially saponified.


I think a strainer with a coffee filter works too

Thought I’d share SE’s oil filter method post from a few months back.

This makes sense. Query whether it’s less of a PITA as Kenji suggests.

This. Is. AMAZING. Thank you! I don’t know how I missed it, as I do read Serious Eats quite regularly. I need to get a fridge-friendly container to use for this purpose as my dutch oven is a bit cumbersome, but I am definitely doing this!

Isn’t saponification the chemical process of making soap? If that’s the case, oil is more preferable because it has soap?

Yes, that’s the process. But I would not add soap to oil!

Did you try it? Did it work?

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