Figs, I want to grow some in nj

Those look beautiful. I thought I only had three figs but I found another one this morning.


( :rage::rage::rage:)


How old is your tree? For a small plant, it has a lot of leaves!

It’s about 4-5 years, I will take a pic in 2 mos it will be huge, but no fruit. I noticed my 1st year plumb tree has several plums, can’t wait for those!!!

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If the fig tree is in a sunny spot, with enough vitamins and water, 4-5 yrs old would be a good age to make fruits.

Maybe it’s a he?

I used to have a running competition with my dad on fig count!

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That’s very interesting about male and female fig trees. We’ve never had more than a smattering of fruit with this tree, and none have ever gotten to an edible state. I’m going to have to check to see if I can tell its sex.

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She’s (or more likely “he”) is coming along nicely, as usual. Still no sign of figs though {{sigh#}.

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Some excited birds gave ma a shout out about some of the earliest (breba?) Ones ripening.

…so I picked a few early.

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