fig mascarpone ravioli...

happy new year all!

thinking about picking up at next saturday’s farmers market. i’m thinking about serving with lemon butter. would welcome any suggestions.

Actually a nice reduced port wine or balsamic glaze would appeal to me. Light hand on either.

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Another vote on that. Fig and mascarpone works well with something sweet and acid like honey or maple syrup and balsamic or sweet wine reduction. I think if you want something different, honey with mustard sauce works.

I suggest you send me some. :blush:

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Thinking it would be hard to go wrong with a browned butter sauce; for the acidic element orange might be really nice…

I wouldn’t add anything sweet unless going full dessert mode and serving them with creme anglaise and chocolate sauce (I prefer a savory entree).

Citrus and browned butter sounds nice, maybe add toasted walnuts or pine nuts for another dimension.

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You are the flavor maven here @Babette, your combinations are outrageously good. What would you think of browned butter with sage (I know, a little tired, but delish) or bay?

Is it 3 separate things (figs, mascarpone and ravioli) or raviolis filled with figs and mascarpone?

Think it’s fig and mascarpone stuffed ravioli @Presunto.

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OK, thanks.

If I were to eat it it would have chopped pistachios for sure. Have to think about the sauce, though.


Oh yes, I think pistachios would be great, both for flavor and texture, as well as visual appeal. Would be interesting to play with the flavor profile of the sauce. I’m thinking a little pomegranate molasses might be good too, but maybe a little strong, dunno @Presunto.

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thanks for all the suggestions.

i’m leaning toward a balsamic reduction, adding a few drops of chocolate balsamic and some blood orange zest. don’t have any pistachios, will have to make due with hazelnuts.

picking up on saturday. will report back.

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That sounds really good @wonderwoman - will be interested to hear your thoughts.

Oh Yum. That sounds good. I always like a little freshness in a dish so I’d probably though some arugula in there to wilt just before serving

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Are they meant to be dessert ravioli? If not, I wouldn’t add another sweet element. I’d probably go with a white wine reduction with walnut oil to coat them, then top each one with a thin slice of prosciutto.

@wonderwoman, If you have never enjoyed them before, I would warm up one, taste it and go from there.


I almost suggested sage!


so here’s what i finally did:

massaged some greens with orange-infused oil. topped with ravioli, then drizzled with the oil, and a few drops of chocolate balsamic vinegar. topped with orange zest and a few chopped hazelnuts.

turned out really well. the orange oil and zest along with just a hint of chocolate really let the fig flavor come through. the hazelnut provided a nice textural contrast.


Sounds great. Glad you enjoyed them.

I’m a huge fan of wilted arugula. I love idea of topping it with the ravioli. All my favorite flavors.