Feedback on stainless sinks and other kitchen remodel choices

It’s best to see it hands on . I wouldn’t order from the internet in case there is a problem . Scratches , non uniformity . Go to a professional plumbing store . Open the box when you get it and inspect it . Have the sink before the job starts . A two week order with a return is now a month . As a general contractor I would advise this . Don’t look down every day at the sink and say " I wish I would have bought a better sink ". I just had a Kohler Caxton sink installed for a undermount on Corian . The owner bought it at a large discount box store . I can definitely see the quality has gone downhill from years past .

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ah. corrosion has not been seen anywhere on mine…

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Thanks for good advice. I had my plumber bid on all the fixtures, and am waiting to hear if he can back off the high markup he added. I don’t mind paying extra for local business vs. out of state and the ability to have quick returns, but the differences can also add up to thousands, too. I do plan to buy the sink now, weeks ahead of start date.

Ack, another stray apostrophe in its. I have been misspelling homophones all the time, not even just 50% of the time… YEESH.

uhmmmm, who is doing the granite counters?

the plumber makes the water come and go, but the counter people need to do the cut out and mount the sink during install.

when I redid ours, the counter people said “go get a sink you like and give it to us, we’ll do the rest”

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The stone fabricators will template and attach the sink, the plumber answered my questions about reccos. I’m actually more concerned with 18/10 nickel/chrome, I think, than about 16 vs 18 gauge, though, as long as I have plenty of insulation. Some sinks don’t specify 304 stainless, though I think they must be, and some are 18/8 only.

Based on reviews, the plumber has been dead on so far! I’m thinking of Blanco since it’s the right size and chrome content and 9" deep, which I think will be easier on my lower back, and I spend a lot of time at the sink.

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My husband would have preferred the 9" sink now that we have it. He also has lower back issues. For me, the deeper sink is fine. But if you are concerned now, definitely go with your gut! Don’t be sorry later!! And the rear drain is a very nice feature too, which I love in today’s sinks.

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So you got a Blanco with 10" depth? I’m looking at the Quatrus seriies, 9".

We have the 10" depth and use a grate on the bottom that is elevated about 3/4". I do find it a little hard on my back if I am standing there for a long time, but I am very tall, so it’s a long way down! I think people of average height would probably find either the 9" or 10" perfectly fine.

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LOL… I’m worried about the depth because I’m 5’4.5" and the angle I have to lean at my new bathroom sink, where I thankfully spend little time, is uncomfortable. The sink is also set back too far, though, not where I would have put it.

Yes, mine is the deepest. I love the sink. No rusting, and like biondanonima says, the grate at the bottom raises it up. I don’t mind it, but my husband does when he has to stand there for any length of time. Luckily, most of the dishes get perfectly clean in the dishwasher so there isn’t much else that needs to be washed., except for a few plastic items and a really dirty pot on occasion.

I think this has more to do with discomfort than the depth - even with long arms and such, I HATE it when a sink is set too far back from the edge of the counter.

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I agree. My cabinet maker made a mistake and I didn’t ask him to fix it and now I regret it. Instead of a little door mounted trash bin in the middle of a 60" vanity, he put a kitchen sized pullout, and that pushed the sink back a bit.

Also, Heidi, I put just about everything in the dishwasher, too, even stuff other folks don’t, but I always seem to be there for something, whether I’m bleaching out my bedroom humidifier, cleaning a ton of fresh produce for meals, giving houseplants a winter shower… I just seem to be there constantly.

Thanks to everyone who replied and shared experiences with their sinks. My kitchen remodel starts in about 3 weeks and I have ordered a Blanco Quatrus 15, medium sized rectangle, actually a couple of inches wider than what I have now. Since my current one is an over mount, I’m not losing any precious counter space to it.

My choice came down to the higher chrome content; my biggest concern had to do with too many reports of rust and corrosion in some of the higher gauge but lower chromium sinks I saw reviewed. I’m not worried about scratches, which I consider patina, and am not sure I want to use the wire mesh grate unless someone has a compelling argument for how it improves life at the sink.

I got a great price, too, online. I switched my faucet choice from a Moen Woodmere to Grohe Minta.

Thanks again for good advice from the kitchen mavens I trust most.

I didn’t start off with the wire mesh grate in the bottom, and managed to put some scratches in the bottom from my heavy cast iron pan. Since then I put the grate in, and I’m much happier knowing that I won’t be adding any more deep scratches. DH just didn’t realize it when he was washing the pot that might happen.

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Okay, I wasn’t going to get the mesh grate, but it’s in my cart. I wasn’t worried because my current sink has tons of fine scratches if I look closely, but nothing approaching any depth. More like patina, which is fine with me. How deep did your scratches get and are they the type that will all just blend into patina in time?

I just visited my cabinets today; the bottoms were sprayed, all the pullouts are installed and I’m getting really excited, so much organized space, a place for each thing; I itemized and measured my belongings before designing the cabinets.

I never worried about my stainless sink’s appearances before. Have I been derelict til now, or are they made softer?

I still am on my “temporary” sink and island (almost 10 years now; someday I will be able to afford a Corian integral sink and countertop) which has a Blanco composite 10" deep single-bowl sink. I really like it and will stick with the same dimensions when I win the lottery. The bottom grate has been the most wonderful part of the setup and I didn’t expect that at all. I almost didn’t get it because the sink was about $200 and the grate added $65 but I am glad I have it every single day.

I speak as someone who lived without any sink at all (dishes washed by hand in the bathtub) for over 2 years.

stainless is not a particularly “hard” metal.

18/8 is a tad more forgiving in stamping/drawing operations - 18/10 is the “standard” for stainless but is a smidge more brittle.

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The scratches kind of stand out right now, but I think it’s because they are new. So for me, I’m much happier with the grate. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it. But I do like mine a lot!

OMFG. I’m not looking forward to a few weeks of no kitchen sink. Since we’re also gutting the first floor full bath, I’ll be using my master bath for coffee maker and a small powder room sink for anything we have to wash downstairs. TWO years!? You are a trouper!

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