Feb. 19th HOdown @ Chùa Giác Minh, Buddhist temple, East Palo Alto

The posts on Chùa Giác Minh, Buddhist temple have looked great, so I’d like to organize a lunch there on Sunday, Feb. 19th.

Depending on how many people attend, we can do a banquet or share takeout items. Please indicate below if you are interested in attending. For those who have been there before (or volunteer there!), what time do you think would be best for us to meet up?

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I’ll be there.

The takeout items are all available for sale in the morning. So lunch can really start at any time. Their noodle are typically available after the end of the service, around 12:30pm. So noodle lovers will just have to stick around until then.

Not sure what time banquet starts, if you go down that route. I see people start sitting down around the banquet table after service, but the temple staff and volunteers would know more.

You need to reserve ahead of time. They have tables of 6 or 10. These set meal are normally for families in the memory of departed loved ones. The cost is a set price for 100 dollars for six and 20 for a table of 10. I would check on the prices.

I would call ahead to be sure they have room.

I would join you all but I will be out of town on that date.

Thanks for the info!

For a few reasons you pointed out, I think it’ll probably be best for people to meet up and share takeout items at 11:30am. If you’re interested in joining, reply below (or e-mail me hyperbowler123 [@] gmail.com).

Makes the organization much easier since then people just get their food and sit anywhere inside the eating area. I will be with my 2 year old the noodle fanatic. (Its a temple where families gather, so it is very casual and also family friendly. )

Anyone joining from the Yahoo Group chowdown list?

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