Fear Factor Foods! What can't you do?

You know what you just reminded me of, raw clams on the half shell, can’t eat them. Now get this, I LOVE roasted clams on the grill AND I LOVE raw oysters! Raw clams, nope.

Too chewy, for the most part.

black licorice/anise
liver and other offal
game/variety meats, including rabbit, duck, venison, etc. This is partially a morality thing, I don’t see the point in eating bunnies and wild birds and bambi.
green beans/wax beans
fish from china

Can’t get past brains. Maybe fried in a sandwich, as they do in St Louis, but crawdad brains, no. I also balked at the tiny octopi covered in some sort of cherry sauce at a Chinese buffet, but largely because of the likelihood of brains.

I could eat dried/fried insects, probably, but not squishy ones. No no no.

Which explains why only as an adult can I manage raw tomatoes and any sort of mushroom, and that took effort.

Had seso in a taco at this excellent hole in the wall in Louisville. I also struggled with thought but took a dive and it was excellent. Crispy little bits in the taco. Would eat it again.

Funny both were in my no go list as a kid. Total gross out and are among my favorites now.


when i was a kid, my mom used to boil liver for the dogs. the smell was utterly vile and turned me off the stuff for a long time. as an adult i tried liver pate and now love liver! especially chicken livers. and monkfish liver, but that is very seasonal.

My mom cooked calves liver with bacon & onions in a cast iron pan & then put a pile crisp paper thin floured onion rings on the top. By all accounts it should have tasted delicious & probably did to a liver lover but I just never developed a taste for it.

My wife can’t stand the stuff, but I love a good beef liver steak and sauteed onions. It’s on my short list of things I make for myself when my wife’s not home for dinner. Right behind beef ribs. The problem lately has been finding liver that’s not sliced way too thin.

Tripe is the only thing I can’t do. It used to be more popular than it is today with most butchers stocking it, as well as specialist shops like UCP (United Cattle Products)

But there are a fair number of dishes on the menu of the local Sichuan place that I won’t do. Now it may be that I would find them really tasty but I can’t bring myself to order the likes of “shredded pigs maw”

As always with these threads (they used to be a regular on Chowhound), many of things already listed by folk are among my favourite foods.

I love beef ribs, but only the 7 bone back ribs cut from a whole standing rib roast. I dry rub them, let sit over night & slow smoke them over lump charcoal in the Big green Egg. I can only eat 2 at a sitting because of the richness.

Not a fan of short ribs because of the intense chuck flavor which reminds me of liver. Same with burger, I prefer sirloin with added fat (vs) chuck.

I put mine in the smoker also . They are so good . More than two will put you into beef shock .

I used to remove the membrane from the back until a Texan corrected me. I now leave it on and find the membrane keeps the fat from leaking out the back side of the ribs and forces it to render through the meat instead.

Beef shock in my case is bowel shock :confused:

I also never remove the membrane . Salt and lot’s of pepper . That’s it .

Not sure what 7-bones are but I can’t seem to buy really large ribs (think they’re called plate ribs) with any decent amount of meat on them. I think the restaurants get them all.

I use salt/pep, garlic powder & a little paprika.

We will have to start a thread on slow/smoked beef ribs. While not for everyone, much more intense than pork.

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Please do! I’ve not seen any beef ribs around, but will be on the lookout.

If you took a whole 109 bone in rib sub primal (ribs 6-12) and removed the bones to make a whole boneless rib roast you would end up with a 7 bone rack of back ribs.

Very little meat on top of the bones but whats in between them is extremely rich, kind of like the deckle (cap) of the rib roast.

Not a fan of ribs 1-6 as they are chuck.

Plate ribs are further down the rib cage toward the bottom of the stomach. Very meaty and pretty expensive ($4 - $5 lb). I have bought them at Restaurant Depot and they are good but not as rich as the meat between the back ribs.

Yeah, I have to look into whats commonly avail to most folks. To make boneless rib steaks butchers used to de-bone a whole (109) rib sub primal which yielded a whole 7 bone rack of back ribs. I think now they bring in boxed beef boneless rib sub primals (112A) which they cut boneless rib steak out of (less labor) .

Restaurant Depot has 7 bone back ribs, plate ribs & short ribs. Some of the club stores (Sams, Costco & BJ’s ) may have the back ribs & the short ribs. Will make a few calls this week and see whats out there and maybe get a thread going late week.

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