Fear Factor Foods! What can't you do?

Most of us have limits and some irrational issues too. What common foods that everyone eats can you just not choke down?

Mine? Hard boiled eggs in any form and liver (unless it’s foie) no good reason just can’t.

Rhubarb , and persimmons . I’m borderline as I smile while choking them down .

Do you mean “I have tried it and hated it”? I was going to make a thread “slagging it before eating it”, which is not the same.

This kind of thread always got heated fast on that wretched site, but here are my answers once again:

  • Curries, or most things that have even a faint curry flavour or smell. I absolutely despise it. And before you ostracise me please know that I have tried and tried and tried for many years. Curries are just not for me.

  • I hate green onion/scallions/leeks. Vile thing! Though curiously, I like scallions only when crisp-fried, otherwise I remove all of it before eating my soup/food. Some places put the scallions in a spoon.

Hong Kong

Macau (yellow plate is mine)

One of my favourite Sichuan dishes and I didn’t even touch any green stuff.

Hmm i meant gag reflex inducing weather you tried it or not. Slagging before eating is different for sure because sometimes you discover you like it once you try it.

Unfortunately the extra 50 pounds I’ve been carrying around most of my adult life proves that list is VERY short. I can’t handle very spicy things and have some kind of mysterious aversion to tarragon (at least I have an immediate bad reaction to Bearnaise sauce). While in Manila (years ago) I passed on the monkey brain thing, and once chose to toast every worker with beer rather than dive into a factory dormitory New Years dinner in suburban Taipei (lots of things in there we toss out in the US). Otherwise I can handle most anything. Oh… and Maotai is not my favorite spirit.

For me it’s also hard boiled eggs. Well, eggs in general but hard boiled makes me wretch. I can’t even stand the smell.

So just speak French. Liver is foie in French.

Funny I use to be the same way then one day like a switch going off, I enjoyed them. Same thing with oatmeal, when I was younger I hated it, as an adult I love it!

I will have to say liver as well, not so much I can’t handle the taste, as much as it brings back the taste of a wretched joke played on me as a kid. Someone made a “sundae” with a scoop of chicken livers telling me it was a new coffee flavored ice cream. Being a kid and seeing all the hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts and cherries I couldn’t spoon the first bite into my mouth fast enough…well the taste of liver immediately brings back the taste of that sundae which makes me gag.

I was practically weaned on chopped liver, so that’s never been an issue for me. ;o)))

Rice pudding - can’t even pretend to like it

And generally anything with cardamom or lavender - they both turn whatever they are in to tasting like soap.

Liver in all forms is also pretty high up there with me. The after taste of it just can’t be washed out, no matter how strong the liquor/wine chaser.

Pretty short list for me, too.

Caraway. Ruins everything it touches.

Nope. The chopped liver I was weaned on was usually served with rye bread close by. ;o))

Borscht. I never tried it. I might even like the taste, but I can’t get over the fact that I’d feel like I’m eating Pepto-Bismol.

Pepto-Bismal (actually tastes like Dr. Pepper) is one of my basic food groups.

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Funny, I always say that root beer tastes like pepto-bismal soda to me.

Guess we can add root beer to my list, too.

Pass the liver, hold the ruined bread.

Bleu cheese. It just never tastes good to me, and I often find the texture off-putting as well. In general, I love cheese - in fact, can’t think of another kind of real (i.e., not “processed”) cheese that doesn’t hold some sort of appeal for me - but no matter how often I try bleu cheese, or how many kinds I try, it’s never a good experience. I really wish it weren’t so; but so far, it is.

By the way, I love eggs, liver, rhubarb, persimmons, curries, scallions, rice pudding, caraway, and borscht. I don’t love the flavor of lavender, but I don’t object to it either. Haven’t yet had an opportunity to try monkey brains.

My list is pretty short… INSECTS or related (scorpion etc). Saw several times in street food stall in Bangkok. PASS.
I refused to eat a live snake bile and live baby ducks barely cooked eggs in Vietnam.

Have tasted mouse (too many bones), snake, turtle, ostrich, deer, reindeer, bear, whale (actually quite nice, not ethnical so never the 2nd time). I think I will pass on monkey’s brain. But those are unusual food.

I like mint, but I don’t like peppermints, they are so chemical taste. I don’t like cherries by products too. I can’t do very spicy food, my body doesn’t like it… I remember my Thai trip with all the hot food, I had a burning ass like 2 weeks.

At times our dislike with certain food is linked the way it is cooked. Liver for example, if it’s over cooked it’s terrible. But if it’s very fresh and medium (that is how foie is cooked), it’s great. Some tastes need to learn to appreciate. (I learn to like the sour taste (eg. i used to dislike the French pickles some 15 years ago, but now I love it)

For me, that same thing applies to Coconut - except for coconut shrimp, oddly enough. But if a piece of coconut cupcake icing touches my chocolate icing… well, its a goner.

steamer clams – too much like a big serving of snot.
rice/tapioca pudding
bubble tea
egg salad with mayo
plain steamed cauliflower

am sure there are others…