Favourite skincare products and cosmetics

My post is focused on skincare products since I’ve become sensitive to most cosmetics.

Feel free to post about whichever skincare products or cosmetics you like or recommend.

I’ve been trying different moisturizers and products over the past 5 years, since my skin has become more sensitive.

I have rosacea, and I now react to most moisturizers. There has been a lot of trial and error involved.

Clarins, Biotherm, Clinique, Kiehl’s, Aveno Avène and Vichy are all lines I liked in the past, that I can no longer use because their moisturizers make my skin irritated.

Some La Roche-Posay products work for me and some don’t. A lot of dermatologists seem to recommend La Roche-Posay. Many also recommend CeraVe, which irritates my skin.

IT cosmetics’ moisturizer worked for a while, but now seems to cause redness.

I’ve had good luck so far with:
Chantecaille’s lily healing emulsion. I had been a Chantecaille fan girl for close to 7 years. Their richer creams don’t work for me. I like their makeup, especially eye shadows and eyeliners, but I’ve become sensitive to all eye makeup lately. I still use the Chantecaille foundation and lipsticks.

Dr Jart’s tiger grass serum (the tiger grass mask irritates my skin)

Caudalie -The samples and small jars I’ve tried from Sephora have worked well. I haven’t tried buying a larger size.

La Neige -Their lip balms and sample moisturizers have worked for me.

Farmacy- the eye cream worked well for me, the face cream I’ll have to try again.

Tula - a sample from Sephora worked well.

Tatcha- I tried a sample from Sephora , and it worked quite well.

Skinceuticals- my dermatologist sells this line and the moisturizers worked well.

First Aid Beauty’s moisturizer worked well, no irritation.

Dermalogica was okay but it had a strong fragrance I didn’t love.

La Mer- I haven’t purchased any La Mer products in close to 7 years. They do have a nice moisturizer, but it’s expensive.


My skin isn’t particularly sensitive but I’m really picky. The closer to basic the better. I like Stryvectin. I mix it with organic olive oil and orange oil…use before bedtime. I have a hand formulated moisturizer out of Canada called Facelift in a Jar…pure food for the skin…along with a retro formula for vanishing cream from Besame. Makeup remover is plain old Ponds.

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Oof, rosacea, I feel your pain. Go to bed and skin is ok, wake up and WTF?! I just started experimenting with topical seabuckthorn oil (yes, I know, don’t use oils) but haven’t been using it long enough to give proper feedback. At least it hasn’t irritated more than other things, so far.

The best lip balm I’ve found is one that is homemade:

I used cocoa butter, coconut oil and the larger amount of beeswax. The stuff lasts forever and works better than any balm I have ever purchased. Best part is, the ingredients are all edible. I bought tiny jars, like the ones used for sample jams, from the dollar store.


I’ve spent my fair share of cash on finding the perfect stuff over the years. But have come full circle to minimalism as a better means. Fewer hot showers. Only regularly soaping pits, undercarriage, and feet. Less harshing on my skin (stopped using scrubs and acidic stuff). Just have a wash towel in the shower for everything else.

One product I used recently to help reset especially with the dry winter is grapeseed oil for my face. Was weird to use it at first but it sank in and I while it was “there” I didn’t take notice after 5 minutes. If I did use too much I just grabbed a clean towel to wipe off any excess. Ended up using it for hands, elbows, and legs.

It worked great. Didn’t inflame. Protected. My face seemed a bit healthier and less gray, dull, and uneven.

I got the cleanest version I could find on Amazon. If it doesn’t present you with any benefits, you can always cook with it!


Huh? What does this have to do with eating/dining/cooking?


Nothing. Note the tag, “Not About Food.”


I don’t have rosacea, but I do have facial redness. I also like to keep my cosmetics collection minimal and only use fragrance-free products. I’ve had really good luck with Simple brand products, especially their moisturizers and face wipes. I also like that they’re cheap and commonly available!

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I figured if people were talking about Wildlife or what Music they listen to, I’d check to see which skincare lines HOs like or recommend :slightly_smiling_face:


I figure, around a twelfth of the posters are Tauruses, who appreciate fine food, and like things that appeal to the senses, like nice moisturizers!

Also, I’m sure a few other posters deal with rosacea.

I could take that in a food direction, talking about all the things I avoid to avoid flare-ups.

People who suffer from rosacea are told to avoid spicy food, red wine and alcohol in general. I think I’ve seen something about avoiding caffeine, as well.

The same things that can trigger hot flashes can trigger rosacea.

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I suffer from rosacea. I have tried all the name brand products and they did not work. I found Hey Honey. I can absolutely say that it has changed my skin, Their propolis and honey soothing moisturizer brought my skin back to softness and almost no redness.

I also love their Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum. I use it as my primer before my CC cream.’

Also to cleanse I use Naturopathic Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm. I just bought their Sensitivity set for redness and am trying it.

Both lines are natural and cruelty free. I highly recommend both

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I love skin care and use lines that incorporate honey and avocado into their products so I like the topic.

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FYI I have tried Bare Minerals skin care line twice and both times got the worst reaction ever. It took over a month to get the redness, flakiness, and acne to go away. Be warned!


Thanks for the recommendations. I will give both lines a try. I like trying new products, as you can see from my list of trial and error.

Happy those 2 brands are working for you.

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I’ve barely worn any make-up over the past 2 years.

I seem to have a food sensitivity to sulfites , sulphates , and nitrates (hives after I eat fast food or takeout salads, hives if I eat a lot of salami/pepperoni), so I have been buying Sulphate-free eyeliners and mascaras from Sephora, which has a box you can check for both Sensitive Skin and Sulphate-free. I’ve tried Ilia most recently.

All my eyeliners, shadows and mascaras have made my eyes burn or itch after a few hours, so I know only use mascara occasionally, and try not to apply it close to the root.

I have tried some wrapping / tube mascaras in the past, like Kiss Me and a local brand from TO, but the last tube I bought in 2020 also seemed to make my eyes itch.

My dermatologist said the sensitivity to eye makeup could just be the rosacea, and not a sensitivity to sulphates.

I’ve also run into problems with micellar solution, and baby oil , as eye makeup remover, which give me a rash now. I’m also sensitive to hair colour, so I’m not sure if I’ve developed an allergy or sensitivity to petroleum products, or whether this is just rosacea again.

I discovered baby shampoo is the best way for me to remove eye makeup these days, without making my skin irritated.

Oh Clinique Cleansing Balm gave me the worst eye irritation. So far the Manuka Honey balm is doing good- going on two weeks and NO irritation. I am hearing/reading buzz about Thrive Causemetics and their mascara. Have not tried it yet as my Lancome Hypnose is still working for me.

On the Hey Honey, I use three of their products- the moisturizer, the serum and the day/night cream. I love all three. Now there also is a line called Eczema Honey- I have the serum and the skin soothing cream but some people have reported issues with the essential oils in the serum.

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Easy for them to say. One product I’ve found that seemed to help my rosacea is IS Clinical’s Pro Heal serum.

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Thank you!

I’ve been able to cut out spicy food (I still do Italian spicy, Cholula, Tabasco, Frank’s Red Hot/ jalapeño spicy , but I don’t bother with Thai/Indian hurt my gums spicy or Habanero/Scotch Bonnet spicy) and red wine, but I enjoy my coffee. :slight_smile:

After buying more 2 more Dr Jart products, I’ve developed a sensitivity to them.

One Josie Maran serum isn’t making me more irritated, but I can’t tell if it’s helping calm my skin down.

I will look for the product you’ve recommended.

I should have specified- I get mine from Dermstore.com, they have nearly everything.

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Just wanted to follow up on what I have been using. Naturopathica and Hey Honey are working wonders. My redness has decreased so much, no cystic acne, compliments from people on my skin. I find that I use less CC cream to cover any redness and am using no concealer. I am very pleased and am rebuying the products. Maybe I have finally found what works for my skin.



Just thought I’d follow up on the seabuckthorn oil: no good, exacerbated condition.

For the past three weeks I’ve been using products by The Ordinary and they have helped enormously. I use the squalene cleanser, niacinamide serum and natural moisturizing factors +HA. All are reasonably priced and unscented.


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