Favourite commercial lemonade?

I’ve been trying different lemonades. Prefer refrigerated versions to bottled shelf stable, canned or frozen, but open to suggestions!

Open to any type (regular, pink, strawberry, etc)

Simply Lemonade is decent. Minute Maid is decent. Not a fan of canned country style.
FarmBoy refrigerated is pretty good, as is the FarmBoy strawberry lemonade.

Rhabarberschorle from Fritz Kola.


Growing up I was always kinda partial to the Minute Maid cartons, but now-a-days I make my own. The recipe below is fantastic… and while it seems like a lot of work, you can do the peels and sugar ahead of time, and then it comes together pretty fast.


Before I posted, I had found these threads!

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Great tutorial with Lava lamps and Drinky Bird decor! Thank you for sharing. 85° here today and I shudda made lemonade!