Favourite Braciole / Braciola / Involtini recipes?

Decided to make beef braciole for the first time tonight. I’ve made rouladen before, and I’ve had veal involtini, made by a Friulian chef.

I’ve never had Italian American braciole- and I’m finding Italian American braciole recipes, as well as Sicilian, Neapolitan and Calabrese braciole recipes online, as well as the tv chef/famous chef recipes like Giada.

Does anyone have a favorite recipe?

Very straight forward version here. Hand crush the peeled whole tomatoes. Slice the beef as thin as 1/4". Slow braise.


Thank you @Rooster!
I had looked at that recipe, as well as a Giada and Tyler Florence recipe.
Winged it tonight, filled them with parm, mozzarella, bread crumbs and parsley. White wine added to the tomatoes.

I will make braciole again, in a slower oven when I have more time. We liked it .


Nice! The dish looks delicious and now you can decide if you want to tweak it. Honestly, when we can find thin sliced veal we prefer to use it over beef in this dish.


Good to know! I will try it with veal sometime!

I found this Barese recipe (I’ve been looking at a lot of photos of Puglia and Pugliese food lately(

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Oh my you’ve fallen down the delicious rabbit hole! Happy braising. They both look tasty.

Last year, I fell hard for hummus and likely prepared 40 versions before I was over it. Had a blast experimenting.


That’s been me with pizza dough over the last 12 months. :slight_smile: