Favorite YouTube Channels?

At no point has the content pertaining to food been so widely available but not all YouTube channels are created equal - and some have even taken a dive in terms of quality of content (looking at you Bon Appetit and Joshua Weissman)

With that said, what are some of your favorite YouTube channels out there?

I’ll kick it off with a few of my favorites below:

I know a lot of these are obvious picks but hoping to discover some new channels that are also kick ass



Do you want everyday people or just the pretty commercial types of sites you listed?
We have some previous threads on this subject too.


Glen and Friends Cooking, Tasty, Hausgemachte Rezepte, Natashas Kitchen, Enfes Yemek Tarifleri and Catherine’s Plates…
And yes, as mentioned above Chef John from Food Wishes.

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No preferences, anything food-centric is fine

I did search the site prior to posting and only saw an old thread from 2019 which had a mix of channels and podcasts but nothing really fitting in 2023

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To give this post some variety, here are some channels I like that are more off-the-beaten-path or sit on the edges of what you’re asking for:

  • ArnieTex has good salsa ideas and a laid-back style; great for meat- and BBQ-lovers, too.

  • Beryl Shereshewsky is doing something interesting, really creating a community as much as a YouTube channel.

  • ChainBaker often shows why specific ingredients or techniques work, by doing side-by-side comparisons.

  • Chef Wang is actually very popular but you might miss if you’re looking at English videos only; turn on the subtitles, this guy has some great content.

  • NutritionFacts.org for science-based information about food and ingredients, but not cooking.

  • OTR Food & History is a love/hate channel for me because it mimics Anthony Bourdain in style and tone but doesn’t acknowledge it, which rubs me the wrong way, but the videos are interesting anyway.

  • The Veggie Boys is about a 400-acre family farm in Pennsylvania.


This is my single favorite You Tube recipe from my single favorite channel. Mostly food from the subcontinent:


Forgot to mention America’s Test Kitchen. I’ve learned a few things on that channel, as well.
America’s Test Kitchen

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A few I’ve found recently…


Arnie Tex is a really nifty channel.
I learn a lot from him.

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Good thread and a lot of good stuff already. For baking, I really like (both already mentioned above) Charlie Chain Baker and Brian Lagerstrom. Lagerstrom’s also got some great non-baking recipes. One of his long slow beef stews sent my kids over the moon.

If you have time for some slow/deep dives into older recipes and attempts to recreate them, I recommend Max Miller. Like Lagerstrom there’s a certain emphasis on baking but that’s not all he does.

This one (linked above, I mean) was an attempt at a copycat Sally Lunn bread; I made it and it turned out really good.

Both for entertainment and for interesting techniques (mostly meat but sometimes some pretty awesome side dishes, too) I enjoy Guga’s channel, although I get that sometimes his goofiness can be off-putting.

For Haitian/Caribbean cooking I like Chris at Caribbean Pot and several others with little following that I sometimes mashup recipes from.

For techniques and recipes on sausage and dried whole muscle/salumi, I like Eric Pousson at Two Guys and a Cooler

“Is there a dessert menu?” LOL

I wonder if he has to pay for dessert …

I just got the cookbook out of the library today:


Glen and Friends Cooking - Easygoing Canadian home cook who specializes in recreating vintage recipes from Anglophone countries, and improvising dishes based on discounted supermarket finds. He knows a lot but isn’t at all fusty, freely admitting his gastronomical quirks.
Anti-Chef - Young man who launched his channel with much the same idea as Julie Powell had, except that he started with virtually no cooking skills. The pleasure in watching is vainly talking to the screen when Jamie is about to screw up. Five years on, he’s made enormous strides. His personable demeanor makes for pleasant viewing.


He’s okay in small doses. Kind of sad to see him kind of destroy his health for the sake of pumping out content - there’s no way this is sustainable

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Sandwiches of history.
This guy has caught my attention recently.

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There are the obvious popular ones on here that have been mentioned that I watch but I’m going to link BrilliantlyBritish. It is a pretty unknown channel it looks like but I think he’s just such a joy to watch and I’m a big fan of the recipes too.

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