Favorite tropical fruit?


@Google_Gourmet, thanks to Google Translate, I believe the top line mentions the fruit is called a canistel: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pouteria_campechiana


That is it!!! Very pretty fruit. Gonna have to try one.


Purchased two types of (new to me) of persimmons. A large soft variety that has two tier look. Also a wild variety the size of a large strawberry, also soft.

Also a kind of fruit that that we first tried the night before, set in a gelee. Anyone know what that is? It’s somewhat tart and was a nice accompaniment to the other dishes.

In Beijing.

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Oval kakis are very cute.

I’m on Iriomote island now and have been eating frozen mango and pineapple cubes. The season is over so only frozen. The mango is so aromatic and sweet. They have 2 types of pineapple here, one has white flesh. My guest house is run by a family of pineapple farmers.


Maybe “haw berries in crystal”, shuijing shanzha (水晶山楂). On the first photo, next to the soft persimmons, those were haw berries.

They looked like a kind of small pear since they didn’t seem to have red skin. Do you have the name of the restaurant?

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Raw coconut
Dragon fruit
Asian pear
Star fruit
…so many!


I’m going with the mangosteen and lychee (only if there is a slight tart acidity though, I don’t like one note sweetness) for favorites.


I believe the third picture is Chinese Hawthorne preserve fruit , also called Sanja or Sanjay depending on dialect
They are used several ways
As thin flakes found in many Asian stores, As fruit rolls
With a thin crispy caramelized coating in a skewer popular during Chinese NYear. When you bite into that crispy coating, the fruit is soft, sour and tangy . This is my favorite. I understand when searching for it that somewhere in NY, under a bridge, a vendor sells that!

The other way it is prepared, also a favorite of mine is a soft coating of caramelized maltose sugar , not in a skewer but the fruit is crushed revealing some seeds. .
At the moment, I am drinking Sanja tea . It is sold dehydrated, to brew


Thanks on the haw berry. They did indeed have red skins before being peeled and cored. The white fruit garnish were lychee, as I recall.

Restaurant is China Lounge. The chef is doing traditional Beijing favorites in an upscale setting.
Excellent food and service. Best Beijing Duck of the handful of duck joints/palaces I’ve tried over the years.


Persimmons are high on the list for most delicious but there is the mess factor depending on the variety and ripeness


And the shock and dismay when you get one that wasnt as ripe and luscious ad it looked…


I think there was a Seinfeld episode about fruit. “The Mango”

Mangos are also high on the list of delicious


When I can get them fresh, mangosteens! Unbelievably good.

I also prefer lychees over longans and rambutan too. I love fruit, so I would always waffle between papaya, star fruit, passion fruit, and good sweet dragon fruit (pitaya) too. Even though not tropical, I also love pomelos, mikans, and persimmons.

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There’s no general “fruits” topic so I post it here.

Cut open.

Opuntia, or prickly pear. Family of cactus. Stains everything and makes you look like you wear make-up. Taste and texture is a bit like dragon fruit. A bit sour, lots of hard seeds.


Passion fruit, always my favorite.
Spent years in the West Indies and loved all the amazing tropical fruits.
No so much in the northeast, pale comparisons. Maybe akin to getting fresh raspberries to Grenada:)