Favorite tropical fruit?


A neighbor had a tree when growing up. I like them near over ripe

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I love learning new things on Hungry Onion. Though I have not seen calamansi plants in nurseries where I live in Massachusetts, apparently White Flower Farm offers them for shipping starting in the spring. They call the mini-trees “Calamondin Orange.” Unfortunately, I am terrible with houseplants so I’ll leave this idea for those who are more horticulturally gifted. :wink:


Finally tried a fresh date for the first time. Don’t recall ever having a dried one even. Did not recognize the fruit at all and had to ask.

It was nice and crunchy with a slight sweetness. No hurry to rush out and buy some, but will definitely enjoy again someday.


Mangos, avocados, and papaya. Is papaya called custard apple in other regions? I’ve never heard that term.


Papaya is always papaya. Custard apple looks like this:


It was discussed earlier in this thread:


Interesting! I would probably like that also.

And I love dragon fruit, I’m always so happy when I see it for sale.



Custard apple is a fruit found in the tropics. It is a favorite in the PHIilippines. Green with multiple white flesh surrounding black seeds. When ripe, slightly dark, it is very sweet.


I love fresh dates…they taste very little like the intensely sweet, slightly gooey dried version. I but them any time I find them (which is very rare)


The dates were huge, compared to the size of apple and orange!

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One of the best Annonas (custard apple) is the Cherimoya, Annona cherimola. If it’s picked ripe off the tree, it’s amazing. Guanabana, a.k.a. Soursop, A. muricata is another tasty treat. I grow, select hardy Passion Fruits, Passiflora incarnata, Paw Paw, Asimina triloba . These are cold-hardy relatives of tropical fruits. To choose one favorite is just not possible!


Mine is 蓮霧 (lian wu). I’m always on the hunt for the sweet, black pearl variety when we go back to Taiwan, as I can’t find any here in the Bay Area.


vaguely remember them because of the belly button like center, but that is all.

I, am on the hunt for Xan Cha ( Hawthorne preserved fruits, pronounced different based on dialect ) the way I remember them, crushed with or without he seeds, sweet, but not too sweet , sour or on a stick with a thin crust. All I can find are the dried ones in the Asian market, but they are too dry

I saw some on EBAy, wrote to different retailers from China but no response. Although the product is described in detail but, in chinese characters. I also saw Hawthorn rolls but nor espouse as to whether they are sweet.

Anyway, I still enjoy hawthorne flakes and when I buy them, I eat them, not one piece a ttime but the while roll in 2 bites!


Anyone have any idea what this fruit is? Looks almost like a fig on the outside,

but the meat does not.


Looks like a variety of zapote/sapote but I’m just guessing. There’s a lot of different varieties:


Thanks, looks very much like the one on the lower right of your picture. The cut half didn’t look particularly appetizing. Anyone tasted it before?

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Looks a lot like Sapodilla, Manilkara zapota. If so, it makes sense: It’s native to Mexico but has been planted extensively all over the East. The Spanish brought it to the Philippines. Sapote, Pouteria sapota, is also a good guess.


The fruit that is cut in half with a black shiny seed is indeed Sapodilla. It is called chico in the Philippines. It is a very sweet fruit, when eaten at the right time, soft but still firm. One of my favorites.
The one to its left may be a chico but the ones we get from the Philippines are shaped more like the fruit that is cut in half, that is rounded or if it is oval. not as pointy on one end . The skin is slightly furry and is edible as well
Here are some pictures which shows some fruits are rounded and others slightly oval.
images of chico from the philippines


Where are them?


sea junky’s post 19h ago


Spotted some on the limb in the wild!!!

Ok, a little lie. I saw these in a botanical garden. Anyone read Japanese?