Favorite New Recipes from 2022

I did a poor job of cooking from recipes and didn’t repeat very many. Especially if I’m limited to ones I discovered last year. But one that fits the bill is Samin Nosrat’s linguine vongole, which is wonderful. I believe @mariacarmen tipped me off to that one. And since I have the book, now I’m eager to try the chicken recipe that @linguafood likes.

One more from last year that I used over and over is this sourdough starter and then the recipe using AP flour and their starter for sourdough no knead. https://www.theclevercarrot.com/2020/04/artisan-sourdough-with-all-purpose-flour/

The discard came in handy for this lovely pizza dough. https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/sourdough-pizza-crust-recipe


i had to check, but yes, apparently i did make that vongole dish! probably with my sister’s fresh pasta. maybe time to make it again soon.

Gah, i was so into my sourdough starter and making bread in 2020-2021, and now i just have this deflated little starter sitting sadly in the fridge. i never really liked anything I made with the discard. i should really put the poor thing to rest.

There was a time that I was baking a couple loaves a month. Now it’s more like a loaf every couple of months. But the starter always works for me. As long as I take it out 2 days ahead and start feeding it again. Have you tried that? Then again, if you’re not using it and it takes up space…

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i did do that, and it worked fine, i just kind of lost interest. mostly because i was the only one eating the bread and my waistline doesn’t need that!


I didn’t care much about the bread i baked with my starter, but I loved two things that called for the discard: (1)sourdough discard crackers. made them religiously for quite some time. (2) discard English muffins. I also made pancakes with the discard but less frequently because that’s quite an extravagance.


We started making khachapuri a bunch of years ago after tasting and falling in love with it in Brighton Beach. After a deep internet scour, we cobbled a bunch of things together. This NYT recipe is very similar to what we do, except we use ricotta instead of goat cheese. The khachapuri we had in Brighton Beach definitely did not contain goat cheese, as I am highly averse to that flavor. We also take some of the filling and roll it into the outside crust because one of the styles we tried did that and we liked it. Hope you like it!

There’s a recipe on, I think Food52, that has a cooked leek mixture in the filling that I’ve been meaning to try.


nice, but hah - i was the opposite - i loved the bread i made with the starter, but didn’t like my english muffins.

This was dinner last night… forgot how good it is
Maybe convenient if you have leftover cabbage from St. Patricks Day to use up