Favorite new recipes from 2018


Late breaking but sure to be remade many times the granola nuts from smitten kitchen were far and away a huge hit with friends and family.
Two critical changes i made: comments on the recipe mentioned the granola not sticking to the nuts so i used my tried and true sweetened condensed milk, added about 2 -3 TB to the egg white to act as the “glue” which worked really well.
Also i added a good sprinkle of kosher salt to the whole pan just as it came out of the oven.
I used half pecans and half walnuts, with flaked almonds in the topping instead of pumpkin seeds

Earlier this year when not working i made this coconut kale tofu on repeat for lunches, don’t think i posted a photo here, it’s not so attractive. I skipped the spicy stuff and used a bit less coconut oil. The coconut rice is excellent but rice isn’t my favorite and leftovers i have not mastered reheating so i like it, so i didnt make the rice as often.

There must be others I’m just not thinking of at the moment…


Giving this a bump now that the holidays are over. Can’t wait to hear about your new favs!


This crispy chickpeas with lamb, greens and garlicky yogurt from Alison Roman’s Dining In was my favorite thing I made (over and over) this year. Best with some of the pickles also from her book.