Favorite Long Branch spots [NJ]

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I did speak to him almost a year ago and he was doing ok, besides a case of the pandemic blues that we all had. Hopefully he is well and will come back and say hi to us sometime.


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I’ve canceled all my birthdays in the future.

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Fritto Misto at Sirena. Nice mix of rings, zucchini, fennel, pepperoncini, caper berries.


HOs in here who know LB, what do you think of this list? I’ve been wanting to try more LB spots lately. Trama and JP both look great. Do they live up to the hype?
How is Rockefellers? Would love another family suitable spot to take the kids to ad well

I just ‘read’ through that link and can’t be of any help. But I am wondering who believes this was written by someone who has been to a place: “The Hummus Republic is a unique restaurant that will give you the experience to remember. Their menu features Mediterranean dishes, making this spot one of your favorites.”

UHBOY. @Metsfan86 I hope others can offer some legit input!

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The only restaurant on the list we’ve been to is Rooney’s. When the weather was warm, we enjoyed sitting in the dining room with the lovely ocean view. While the food was not rave-worthy, it was better than average. However, at some point (back more than 10 years), we felt that it took a decidedly downward turn. We were not willing to eat below par food just to have that view, so we stopped going there.

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Here’s my take on places I have visited:

  1. Rooney’s, more or less agree with RGR, since Pier Village was built and there is a natural “overflow” of people from PIer Village taking the short walk to Rooney’s it has become a zoo most summers. Along with the influx of people came increased prices and decreased quality. Now I view it as a cool place to go for the view, the food is “good” but overpriced.

  2. Trama, he has a great reputation, I only tried One Willow and was VERY under impressed.

  3. Johnny Piacone’s - solid place but not what I could consider a destination restaurant. No way I’m passing Jimmy’s in AP to go here.

  4. Mar Belo - actually I’ve been twice and genuinely enjoyed it. Good different choice for the area.

  5. Amy’s - HUGE breakfast place, million options of omelets but again, not my cup of tea. I just prefer a good old NJ Diner for breakfast.

  6. Charlies - I was actually here Saturday night. They had a band playing and a full house, and darn good food. Great vibe for a local place a bit off the popular path.

  7. _Sirena - Typical Jersey Shore waterfront restaurant. (See Rooney’s for more details)

Those are the places I’ve visited.


This article is so full of typos that I find it hard to take the content seriously.

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