Favorite Long Branch spots [NJ]

lets here them folks.

are there any good spots to get bagels in LB?

did Tapas and Mark migrate over here yet?

I can’t help you with begels in LB, but here are the only reason(s) why I go to LB.

Windmill, yes that’s my favorite place in Long Branch. Speaking of which did you see that the newly renovated Windmill actually fell off and crashed down onto the street below, just last week I think.

I use to be a fan of Rooney’s but they jumped the shark a long time ago. I use to also like the raw bar at Ave. and the cocktials are always good, but that’s about it. You can keep the rest of PV if you ask me.

Red Bank has bagels.

Long Branch has Oceanview subs!

As to Tapas and Mark, I haven’t seen 'em. I was wondering about some of the others on that Rumson thread too. We need to get things consolidated on this platform. It’ll be good for all of us.

Howdy fellas…yeah I have a few spots I like but there are literally tons of places to eat there so I know I am missing some. I think Joon has a good handle on LB so he might chime in. I will name a few that I like…

Oceanview is a obviously good call

Rockafellers is my go to pizza spot, along with the entire LB police force LOL

Windmill, as JR mentioned, is a classic.

For over a decade I have been a Rodeio grill fan but pricing is now 31.95 for rodizio when it was 20 like a year ago. I will now drive the extra distance now to Fernandes 3

Veal parm sandwich at Tuzzios

Los Papagallos for tacos

pork ribs from port chop or the chicken/ribs from Long Branch BBQ (not american BBQ, its similar to port chop and no one there speaks english)

Norahs Jamaican…has anyone been lately? lets say my last experience was not the greatest. Hopefully the success hasn’t gotten to her head.

Sirena veal chop (the one dish I like out of all the PV places and I have been to quite a few there. I haven’t tried Wild bamboo yet.

Adas for some Ethiopian or pernil / skirt steak.

Sitting duck cheeseburgers (same as pour house)

half price pizzas at zacherys (not amazing but half price isn’t too bad with a few brews)

Freddy’s for some pretty good thin crust pizza.

Richard’s for a sloppy joe with a side of the excellent macaroni salad.

Is this the place right across the street from the track entrance?

+1 Fernandes… I <3 Fernandes…(Ok maybe I took that too far)

+1 Sitting Duck as you indicated, I just live much closer to Pour House.

I have never had the sloppy joe but Joon turned me onto richards. I get the pastrami there…pretty good. I will have to give that a shot soon.

JR, yeah that is the place across from the track. I had coltsneck bagels this morning…very good!

I went to that place one time probably 10+ year ago and didn’t get a very good feeling by the crowd. Once went the one time. What or where is Coltsneck bagles?

That just reminded me you know who makes one hell of a pork roll egg and cheese? Colts Neck General Store, great home fries as well. Wow that just came to me out of nowhere, been along time since I’ve had one. lol

@corvette_johnny - Not sure how “recently” you mean but we went to Norah’s for the first time early September. Her roti were probably the best we’ve had but nothing else was all that impressive. There are enough places we pass in AP that it’s not worth the trip to LB.

LOVE Ada’s. If only I can remember to make a reservation to make sure there is injera left. We’ve been shut out too many times. Her Dominican food is delicious but not the same when I’m hankering Ethiopian. We have a number of vegetarian friends (don’t ask) and the veggie options are great there.

Our favorite for Mexican is El Oaxaquneo (2 or 3?) on Memorial Parkway and will drive past other Mexican joints to hit them up.

Thanks to all for the other suggestions. We’ve been looking for some new places to try and I’ve added a number to my list.


@MsBean I will have to try el oaxaqueno and report back.

As for norahs, I think it may have been an off day so I will try again soon. The last time they had 3 lunch menu items…3. They were curry chicken, goat and brown gravy stewed chicken. My boss says to me as I’m on hold asking him for an alternative dish, “wait the jamaican place isn’t serving jerk chicken for lunch? That’s ******* insane” lol

@MZ joon is just keeping us in suspense. He will bomb this thread any day now lol.

@NotJrvedivici its on the corner of 34 and 537…really good dough buddy. Check it out some time.

I also love the olives and bread at nikos. I seem to enjoy that more than the meals there.

Anything going on at charley’s?

Are there any spots to get deep fried whole fish in lb besides norahs?

As it happened we let The Sprout pick the dinner venue last night and she chose Ada’s It was still on the early side so there was only one table taken and plenty of injera. We had 2 empanadas, one Doro Wot and one Doro Alitcha from the Ethiopian side. Just to be contrary, I had the pernil with boiled yucca. As usual, everything was delicious. By the time we left there wasn’t an empty seat in the house.

We decided to swing by Norah’s on the way home for some after-dinner roti. It was closed.


Sup HOs,

Ah, Long Branch is back to being my favorite chow (HO?) town now that Asbury Park sucks ass. I haven’t been very active in trying out new places so unfortunately I don’t have much new to report. i’m pretty sure everything I have to talk about has been rehashed on that other site. Haven’t been to Norah’s in a while. The only place in Long Branch that consistently gets my business that I haven’t seen mentioned here (and I have constantly waxed poetic) is Sabor. Man I just cannot get enough of that place.

Oh, if you want an interesting take on burgers and the best fresh cut double fried fries in Monmouth county, head over to Rt 66 grill.

For Bagels…I would head to Ocean township.

That bar that keeps going out of business on Brighton turned into some weird latin lounge called Arena. They are “soft” open and I popped in for a drink and checked out their menu. It looks like flourescent vomit inside. Food looks stupid. They’re definitely going out of business.

To be honest I really can’t tell the Mexican places apart in terms of taste. They are a lil different from each other but I’ve never been particularly wowed or disappointed by any of them. As Ms Bean mentioned, El Oaxaqueno III seems to be the best bet, but I try to mix up my business.

On the other side of Mexican, if you like Chipotle, you might want to check out Bubba Koos in the Shop Rite plaza. It’s not bad, but then I’ve never had a “mission style” burrito I didn’t love.

I’ve said this before but make sure you at least pop into Ocean View Bakery…time is running out…

I want to say Aji is decent but man I’m really getting sick of all the cookie cutter sushi joints. They’re all pretty much the same and no one seems to get the rice right.

There are a number of newly opened places, especially latin, I’ve been meaning to check out. Any HOs want to meet up or take one for the team?

Chamo’s Cafe - Venezuelan - Neptune
Aires de Columbia - Columbian - Bradley Beach
Sweetpepper - Venezuelan - Bradley Beach
El Arriero - Columbian - Long Branch
Kamayan Grill - Filipino - Neptune

Lastly, has anyone ever eaten at Raceway Diner? It intrigues me.

@MsBean After dinner Roti??? Man I love you guys. Will you adopt me?

@corvette_johnny I didn’t know they had fish by the lb at Norah’s, but IMO the best fried fish dish in our area is at Far East Taste. Get the fried whole fish but MAKE SURE you ask for the fish sauce and not the sweet and sour gloppy shit it comes with by default. It’s faaaan tastic.

I’m about to give up on the Pastrami at Richard’s. I always ask for extra fatty and I keep getting this lean bullshit from them.

[quote=“joonjoon, post:12, topic:3062”]
For Bagels…I would head to Ocean township.
[/quote]So what do I do, just drive to the Ocean Township Welcome Sign and they hand out Bagels? Where? Where Where? Do share my friend!! (are they better than Bagel Masters in Shrewsbury?) Oh why am I teasing myself I’m not eating carbs, but do tell.

[quote=“joonjoon, post:12, topic:3062”]
It looks like flourescent vomit inside. Food looks stupid.
[/quote] 1986 Called and want’s their decor back? lol Where exactly is this location, or what was it’s prior incarnations?

[quote=“joonjoon, post:12, topic:3062”]
Bubba Koos in the Shop Rite plaza.
[/quote] Interesting, this is the Shop Rite on 36, correct? I’ll have to let my son know.

I’ve had a few breakfasts there, typical diner, good coffee etc. Sadly it closed a couple of weeks ago so you are beat my friend, sorry.

He has appeared! lol The wizard is in the building. lol

Norahs I have to try again soon. Last time I was really disappointed. She doesn’t have fish by the pound but she gets whole fish on fridays and that is the time to get a nice whole deep friend snapper topped with oxtail sauce. yum!

Aji i have been to at least 6 times. It is what it is…nothing special but fairly priced.

Richards: I haven’t tried the pastrami in a while but I want to try their sloppy joe.

Bubbakoos: I had once and got the “ghost pepper” burrito. It was a joke. Not very tasty and not hot at all. It is just a marketing gimmick.

As for mexican, I just dont get El Rancho. Maybe I am ordering the wrong stuff but I see rave reviews and I am not sure why.

Chamos, I hear this place is great from my Ecuadorian friend.

I have been liking the fried wings or garlic wings at ming ying lately.

El Arriero, I have been once and got ribs. I wasnt blown away but this is coming from a BBQ guy. I dont think any english is spoken here at all. My coworker ordered. I would try again though.

@NotJrvedivici -

LOL don’t you know the Ocean township welcome bagel center where they offer all visitors free bagels?

Bagels are very subjective and I honestly am not enough of a bagel scholar to throw around authoritative statements on it. I do know what I like and for me there’s one big thing that separates awesome bagels from all the rest - does the outside of the bagel have that thin crispy layer? Cripsy thin outer later, thick and chewy inside - that’s my kinda bagel. Not toasted.

Anyway the place that most often delivers on this combination in the local area seems to be Hot Bagel on Monmouth Rd. I also end up at What About a Bagel often because I have a friend who loves their flagels.

Don’t go to Pops Bagels unless you want to witness a comedy show on how not to run a bagel shop.

As for comparisons to Master bagels…I’d say they’re both just as good, YMMV depending on your personal preferences.

As for the flourescent bar, it’s where the Draft House used to be, right across the street from Rocky’s. It’s been a bunch of different bars over the years but I can’t remember any more.

Yes Bubba Koos is in the Shop Rite plaza at 36 & 71. Not going to blow you away but if you like overstuffed burritos it’s definitely worth visiting, basically the same formula as Chipotle.

Noooooo I can’t believe they closed after all these years! That’s a shame, I really like shitty run down places like that. Nowadays everyone is trying to be all cool and modern. I want my dollars going to the food, not the decor…


Shit I’ve never had fried fish topped with oxtail gravy but how can that not be good? I’ve only had the escovich preparations of fish with Jamaican food but that sounds awesome too. Mmm fried fish.

I just realized I still haven’t had a sloppy joe at Richard’s either. Honestly I guess it doesn’t really get me that excited. I mean it’s like a cold Reuben basically…

I haven’t been back to El Rancho in years, but I guess I remember it very fondly - it was where I first discovered the magic of al pastor tacos. :smiley:

Today seems like a good day to try a new place…but all i want right now is a hot steaming bowl of asian noodle soup. We definitely need more of those in our area.

Dam, so the Draft House is out? Did they close, go out of business or sell? I thought they were doing well? When they opened did’t they let you bring your own mug, regardless of size and charge you a flat fee for refills?

I don’t think your money was going towards the food or the decor at Raceway…I think the owner lost all the money made in his illegal cockroach races in the back of the place. (joke obviously) I think what I read was it’s not going to be a diner anymore.

Yeah from what I can recall they have been closed for quite a while. I knew the owner from DUI class, he seemed like a nice guy.

It looked like they were giving Jack’s a run for their money when they first opened, at least with the college party crowd, but aside from that they never really got any traction. Not sure about the mug refills but that sounds awesome and dangerous.

And I would really, really love to get in on some of that cockroach race action! lol

Joon, have you tried the bamboo place or indulge in pier village? I am sure it is weak but just wondering LOL

Anything in PV is kind of weak but sometimes I need to have places to go with vendors so I can’t take them to hole in the wall spots. I just thought of another, besides the cheesesteak pizza at Rockafellers, ask Rico to make you a cheese steak wrap with mushrooms, peppers, onions and POTATO …I think Rico coined that dish himself and eats them if i remember correctly.

JR, I might be hitting woodys for a steak tonight. As much as I don’t like their bland “southwest” food in sea bright, the allure of a new steak is drawing me in :smile:

In the spirit of "if you can’t say anything nice, . . . " I’ll add one thing about Bubbakoo’s. If you’re ever jonesing for the nostalgic taste of your middle or high school cafeteria, the beef hard tacos at the place will bring you right back. Damn things are close enough that thoughts of acne might even surface again.

Nice…do they have the “funacho” yellow cheese sauce?