Favorite Long Branch spots [NJ]

I’m bringing this back from the dead. I was going to make a new thread but this site conveniently showed me an old thread.

My uncle said he was at Mar Belo and it was pretty good. He said it’s not on par with Newark but it’s close by for us. What made me post this was the tomahawk he saw at the table next to him. He said it was a special that night and it was a SLAB OF BEEF. Does any one have any experience with this spot?


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I used to go to the previous incarnations of Mar belo somewhat often but only been to the current iteration a couple times. In a word they are fine. Slightly more expensive and smaller menu than the other places up north but it’s a decent local spot overall. Gotta say I’ve never had a steak there though.


I had a surprisingly yummy birthday lunch at Sirena yesterday; as some of you may have read on my inquiry about Beach Tavern, I was looking for a spot where we’d have a good water view, but was going with people who enjoy good food but don’t necessary care about it the way I do. Hadn’t been to Sirena in years, but it seemed like a good (enough) choice and it truly turned out to be a good one.

We had a table at the window in the main dining room, so view? CHECK! Stunning. We were even surprised by a small polar bear plunge at one point…about 50 people jumped in and out rather quickly; not sure which group sponsored it, but I’d say those folks were committed, as it was COLD yesterday!

For apps, we shared the beet/ricotta salata salad, grilled octopus w/potato, red onion, arugula, olives, and hazelnut romesco, and the (fried) calamari, which was ordered because it also included fennel, zucchini, and lemon. When that platter of calamari+ arrived we were all stunned. HUGE portion, everything was perfectly fried (including, I’m told, the BLEAH-olives), and we tackled it. My only complaint was 1-2 tentacles that were a little tough, but I blame the squid, not the kitchen. :slight_smile: The octo was also delicious, albeit a tad salty for my taste, but a very good dish indeed–and one friend who had never tried octopus loved it, so I’m always happy to help create another convert!

For entrees there were two orders of risotto–with butternut squash and rock shrimp, a fig/goat cheese/caramelized onion pizza (flatbread style w a crisp crust), and I had the cacio e pepe. Let’s be clear–if I order a pasta dish more than twice a year, it’s unusual. This was beautifully al dente and as full of pepper as it should be–which isn’t always the case. Not sure if the pasta was fresh or not, but it wasn’t heavy, and I maaaaay have had some of it for breakfast this morning w 2 runny eggs. :blush: I tasted the other dishes and can also say that the risotto was beautifully prepared, and the pizza was yummy as well.

We shared three desserts: flourless choc cake (we replaced the pistachio gelato w/raspberry sorbet), the lemon tart, and an apple tart that was done in a phyllo cup. I’m really not a big sweet eater, but it was all delicious and we did a good job of clearing most of that plate as well.

Separate of it being a lovely experience (service was terrific, btw) with close friends, it was a wonderful surprise to find that the food far exceeded what I anticipated. I’ll definitely go back for their happy hour during the off-season.


Happy Birthday !!!

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Has anyone tried Sousua’s grill? I don’t see much online as I think most people that go are Brazilian. @joonjoon

I didn’t know this place existed! I will check it out soon for sure. I guess they opened recently?

I’m pretty sure they have been there a while. I don’t think much can be found online though. Check their facebook page. What are those wrapped up things?

I always end up parking on Pearl St when I go to Acapulquenos so I’ve walked past this place at least a dozen times. Nothing I saw inside made me want to come in though.

@corvette_johnny google Sousua’s grill and check out the top ten sites :scream:

I did check Google Seal. I didn’t see much info. Maybe I’m missing what you are seeing. Feel free to pm me.

Not that remarkable, but most of the sites are places where men or women go to meet Dominican women.

As for the restaurant, Sousa’s Grill advertises themselves as “O Rei Da Picanha”, which means king of steak. So if anyone wants to check out their buffet and report back? I don’t remember if it was Saturday and Sunday or just Saturday for the buffet. Actually, I have lunch free this Saturday so I may even go myself.

Let me know if you go on Saturday, I think I should be able to join ya!

So what is hot dog consensus Max’s or windmill? I prefer windmill didn’t care for Max’s at all. Wayyyyyy overpriced dogs weren’t great think I paid thirty plus all in for two dogs two fries and two drinks. Haven’t been to long branch Max’s yet by enjoy the one in Westfield.

I vote windmill but I haven’t been to max’s in ages
I guess that is the reason why.

Are there any other dog options in long branch?

CJ, thought of you this weekend actually. Was at dealership getting new car and was waiting for finance routine while taking a peek at the new vettes. Stingray was pretty sweet, 72k later lol…I’m not quite in that league. I’m more windmill then per se these days…

I like them both for what they are. Max’s for the nostalgia, and you can get a beer with your dog. WIndmill, I love their red relish. Both serve large quarter pound dogs, Max’s is Schickhaus and Windmill is Sabrett. Slightly different flavors.

Max’s is a once a summer thing for me, Windmill in Red Bank is close to home…plus chili cheese fries :smiley:

(you can get a beer at the other non-windmill Windmill in Long branch…I just remembered)

Meaning the Windmill that is in a small strip mall further north on Ocean Ave. than the iconic “actual” Windmill?

FWIW I cannot stand Max’s they just over grill their dogs, they are like shoe leather.

Yessir. That’s what I meant, the Windmill further north on Ocean Ave on the beach side of the street.

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Windmill is better. The food is better and the attitude is MUCH better compared to Max’s.

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Yeah man I was checking out new rides…white z06 at 104. That’s pretty steep lol.

@tomt the windmill chili is some good stuff alone but on some fries with cheese it is top notch!

I think most people know this but you can get windmill dogs at some grocery stores. I tank these things when it’s not frigid out. I normally get them at foodtown.

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