Favorite garlic press?

Any recommendations for a great garlic press? We’ve lost the cleaning tool for our old Zyliss; also its design lets a lot of partially pressed garlic around the sides. We’ve done some research, and the only one that gets clear raves is the Kuhn-Rikon Epicurean, which (even with a discount) ends up costing something like $53 shipped from the manufacturer. (I know Amazon has them for $40, but apparently there are fakes mixed in with the regular stock.) Still a bit too much anyway. Based on the comments I see, the stainless steel ones are inefficient and very difficult to clean, the zinc ones corrode, and the plated ones shed plating into the garlic. Pretty discouraging all around. SO is arthritic so one that’s easy to use when I’m not in the house would be nice. Suggestions please? (also posted on the other board) TIA…


I concur garlic presses stink. I barely use mine because of the amount of wasted garlic. I’ve started using my mini food processor / chopper to dice up my garlic now. Generally I peel one whole garlic and chop it up and keep it in the fridge and use it during the week. ( I also do a garlic and shallot combo which I keep the same way).

I recently purchased a garlic slicer and peeler ( loath peeling garlic ) from someone who hit me up for a pampered chef purchase. A link to it on Amazon below, I will say if you can use thin sliced vs. chopped garlic this is VERY arthritic friendly as it doesn’t take any squeezing but rather pressure and turning.
The peeler works ok, it is certainly better than peeling them by hand, but there still must be a better way. lol

Perhaps an alternative you can consider. Good luck!


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Sorry to not address your main question but this linked Amazon page for the Kuhn-Rikon garlic press appears to be provided by Kuhn-Rikon itself and is sold and ships from Amazon which would make the likelihood of counterfeits unlikely (unless Kuhn-Rikon themselves lowered the quality on their own product and didn’t change the name).

It’s been a while since I read WireCutter’s coverage on counterfeit products on Amazon but if I remember correctly it seems to be more of a problem with third-party sellers and the penalties for more established sellers are pretty severe so the fact that it’s a) sold by Amazon from b) the Kuhn-Rikon store on Amazon may mean you have a good chance of getting the real deal even at $40.

I haven’t used a press for a couple of years or more. Much easier to use a microplane grater - and easier to clean.

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This one is my favorite.

Amazon has it in stock.


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Okay, this is probably a silly question, but why not wrap the cloves in plastic wrap and hit it with a mallet?

Actually, it seems to me that one thing I have seen recommended is putting the side of a knife on top of the coves and hitting it with your fist

I whack them with a spatula. Works pretty well. I’m afraid I’ll cut myself using the side of a knife.


The side of a 10" chef’s knife, or a microplane.

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OP’s SO has problems with arthritis and needs something that requires less hand & wrist strength.

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I have both a Zyliss and the Kuhn-Rikon Epicurean, and I actually prefer the Zyliss, just as another data point. The Kuhn-Rikon is heavier and to me doesn’t crush garlic as effortlessly as the Zyliss.

Sometimes I use this rocker garlic mincer by Joseph Joseph

It doesn’t crush/mince garlic as finely as a conventional garlic press, but just goes straight into the dishwasher afterwards, easy to clean. Not sure if it is better or worse on the hands though.


Youtube video of the Joseph Joseph Helix in action.


I have a really old Zyliss that I use occasionally. I’ve used this Joseph Joseph one before and it works well - kind of like a mezzaluna.


Oh no! I like that and got to have it. Thanks a lot! :rage:


Mine is a Kitchenaid, and it’s the best one i’ve ever had by a long shot. I use all the various methods depending on what i’m doing with it, but I will never be without my Kitchenaid garlic press.
That said, I’ve never gotten anything from OXO Good Grips that wasn’t very high quality, as well as being ergonomically just about perfect.

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Curious, have you ever tried pressing ginger with it? I had a generic garlic press many years ago that I’ve never been able to replace. It even pressed ginger without much effort. I purchased it at a restaurant store, but never found it again.


This looks great. Since I lost my garlic press I’ve been a side of the knife whacker & chopper like @eleeper described. But! That Helix is making want to buy a press.

Yes, that was the one I lost. IIRC it was pretty good.

Probably not helpful for your SO, I use a chef’s knife. With very little practice it is fast and clean up is obviously a breeze. I still have a zinc press I bought out of college for my first kitchen forty years ago with no corrosion. Perhaps the newer ones have a different composition? Maybe its worth haunting estate and garage sales.

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