Favorite frozen pizza (brands, specific versions, etc.)

If you do like lots of toppings on a fresh pie and can make a road trip to new haven. Modern makes an “Italian bomb” with all of the add-ons cooked properly - so good.


Well, lookie here. Wirecutter always has an opinion on things:

TBH, none of these look appealing in the least.


They never seem to review what I’m looking for in toppings -veggies and maybe a bit of sausage in addition to pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni. They do exist. I like pepperoni ok, but jeez.


I don’t care for meat on my pizza. Gimme veg all the way.

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If I have to choose between the 2, I will take veg. But the key word is good

Not a grocery store frozen pizza($$$) but… mail order My Pi deep dish pizza out of Chicago(via Goldbelly). Ate these fresh in the 70s and 80s when they had a franchise in Golden Valley, just outside of Minneapolis. Ships great, arrived frozen on dry ice, they cook up really well and very ample toppings. It’s a 12" pie and feeds more than you would think, usually 4 per pie.

The most amazing pizza I ever had was from a bar in Madrid in 1984, when I was living/doing research there. A friend and I picked up an amazing cabrales cheese pizza (cabrales being a very funky goat/sheep/cow blue cheese) at a neighborhood bar near the Prado, and we also purchased a wonderful bottle of Spanish rioja wine they poured into an empty wine bottle. We took it out to eat in neighborhood park and it was sublime.

It’s hard to find cabrales cheese in the US and way back then it was very unusual to find great pizza crust in Madrid.

I’m not talking frozen pizza from a US supermarket here, obviously. Cheese pizza can be sublime, when it’s the right cheese, the right crust, the right place, and the right wine.


I used to Lozza Mozza, but I’ve found the sausage fave at Papa Murphy’s at the same price and now prefer that.

Strike Three on Costco’s 4-pack of pepperoni pizzas. I thought these would be passable, and nice to have on hand for lazy/busy dinners.

IMO, they’re terrible, among the worst I’ve tried.

Strike #1 was on a curveball of my own throwing. I spaced out and forgot to remove the cardboard sheet. No flames, but the pie scorched on bottom. The whole thing was dry, like a seabiscuit, ans about as flavorful, yet with a whang that screams schpulkes. I blamed myself.

Strike #2 was on a slider. No cardboard this time, but other than no scorch, same result. This pie was hard as a circular sawblade. Even the cheese ended up hard. I’d watched it brown, pulled it when it looked right. But I ended up blaming myself again, thinking I just needed a shorter cook.

Strike #3 was last night. I dialed back the time by 4 minutes (!), and there STILL wasn’t much difference. Terrible whangy taste, zero spring to the crust. The pepperoni slices looked embarrassed to me. This one would’ve made a good spare wheel for a wheelbarrow.

Not doing this again. Trash goes out.


That’s too bad, thanks for the heads up.
Be sure to let them know! I’ve returned empty wrappers and packaging and received a full refund on many poor quality Costco products. Not just food; a package of tp contained one roll of shredded tp and they refunded the entire 30 roll package.


The good old days have gone for Tombstone. When I was a kid and the adults in my world were in the pub having a few, sometimes I’d have the pleasure of a WI dive Tombstone. Loved it. MIght have even been the mid to later 80’s when they started their descent. What a pisser.

Yes, too bad. I actually think the Costco food court does OK with their pizzas.

I( was going to try the sibling product, the Kirkland frozen cauliflower crust version. But now I’m gunshy. Has anyone here chanced on that, and what did you think?

The Costco pepperoni pizzas are great.

The fresh ones are good enough. You’re not talking about the frozen Kirkland pepperoni pies, are you?


Wow. The ones I bought two weeks ago are terrible. Your secret must be adding eggplant.

There was a lot of pepperoni on them, though…

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I’m intrigued by this discordance. I respect both of your opinions. I’m tempted to try them for myself but not doing that without more information, like how ipsedixit prepares them.