Favorite food podcasts or YouTube channels?


I was thinking about this the other day. My husband listens to a bunch of podcasts on his commute and has all these YouTube channels he follows for some of his hobbies. Do you have any favorites?


Gastropod is excellent.

Gastropod looks at food through the lens of science and history.

(Jimmy ) #3

I’ve been known to sit through an hour or so of their videos.


Hmmm…I almost started an identical thread months ago soliciting the same suggestions.

Anyone? Other interesting podcasts worth listening to?


I currently follow these on YouTube. I watch many more, just not enough updated content to warrant following.

Mainly travel, food, cars, fishing, camping, outdoor cooking, miscellaneous BS. I’ve watched most of the relevant travel and food shows for the areas and countries that I’ve traveled and plan to visit.

Food Travel

The Food Ranger

Best Ever Food Review Show

Strictly Dumpling


Fishing/Camping/Outdoor Cooking

Fishing San Francisco

Fisherman’s Life


Outdoor Chef Life

Ish With Fish


Philosophy D

Joe Robinet



Jay Leno’s Garage





The Style O.G.


Fishermans Life . More butter . !


YOU THE MAN!! Yep, where’s the avocado, bro??!!



A newish Tuber is Outdoor Chef Life

Have you watched his stuff? He’s still fairly new and working out his style and content. I like where he is going.


I’ll check it out . My new you tube favorite is Italian Grandmother Cooks . Thanks


Thanks, will check it out. Was in Rome for the first time this past November, learned a even greater appreciation for Italian food, especially Grandma style. Hope to get some good tips.


Sometimes I go real deep watching italian cook shows with no translation to English from Italy.


Wow! Thank you!!


YouTube. A Bite of China

Yes, this is Chinese flavored propaganda. Regardless, its FASCINATING. Available on YT in English and Mandarin.

I watched these segments, and I swear, my heart just swelled. Some really good stuff.



Oh yeah, for Japan enthusiasts (we are): Japaneology. Covers so many aspects and nuances of Japan and its culture. Just scratches the surface, but its a start.