Favorite Food Halls around NYC...

I want to visit and in some cases revisit some of the better food halls & markets scattered around New York City and I would appreciate your thoughts. What are your favorites and why? Thanks…

Zabars. For everything, but especially people watching.

Hhmm. I feel like they all blur together at some point.

On weekends chelsea market is a madhouse, and not really a “food hall” but the new Dizengoff is destination worthy.

And i always need to get a blondie at Fat Witch.
Cull and Pistol does a $1 oysters happy hour, and The Lobster Place next door is popular for their steamed lobster and lobster rolls (even though it’s really a fish market)

The new Great Northern Food Hall in grand central has a great selection, the open face sandwiches are very popular, and at the bakery counter you can buy their great breads, there are also assorted unique groceries for sale like ligonberry jam and swedish specialties

Practically next door is Vanderbuilt food hall. In the morning get a doughnut from Dough (they’re worse for wear later in the day), otherwise go to Roberta’s for pizza and then ice cream at Odd Fellows. Just keep walking past the sushi burrito place. Mimi’s hummus is good enough but Dizengoff is just sooo much better.

I haven’t made it to the new Eataly downtown but it’s on my short list to investigate, lots of options for eating there as well as finding lots of fabulous groceries you never knew you needed :wink:

I like Eataly too, and would add that to the list. I really like the cafe Lavazza.

Thanks for your exhaustive trip thru the Vanderbilt and Grand Central Market. Have been to Eataly quite a few times, though not the new outlet downtown.
Has anyone visited Le District, the French food hall in lower Manhattan? Or the Plaza Food Hall since it expanded? We had a delectable time there when if first opened…

Le district is worth investigating if you’re heading downtown anyhow to eataly (within walking distance of each other). They have a $1 oyster happy hour on weekdays, confirm the times before going, and the bar has a nice wines btg selection.
I wasn’t so thrilled with a few pastries, they were more expensive yet not notably better than maison kayser or FPB, and i think celi cela and balthazar make better croissants. The savory crepes are worth a stop, the coffee counter was fine but i would rather go to lavazza or kaffe 1668.
Thr charcuterie plate seems to be popular, but i don’t believe it is made in house like DBGB or epicurie boloud

Anyone been to the new Bowery Market mini Food Hall on the Bowery & Great Jones, Manhattan?

Haven’t been to Bowery Market. It’s really an outdoor venue rather than a food “hall” per se with a very limited number of vendors none of which happen to appeal to me.

Speaking of outdoor venues, Madison Square Eats, which appears twice annually, is now having its fall session. As always, lots to choose from including a few new vendors.

<a href="Madison Square Eats - Fall 2016

We went yesterday and had what we always get – Red Hook Lobster Pound’s Maine-style lobster rolls. We also checked out one of the new vendors, Ice & Vice. We didn’t know anything about it though I gather they’ve got quite a presence on Instagram. We shared the Strawberries & Cream Shaved Ice Sundae. While we liked its unique combination of textures and flavors, we felt that because so much of it is ices based, it would really be perfect and better appreciated on a scorching hot day (which yesterday was not).

Madison Square Eats Fall 2016 Photo Set

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Yes, we have enjoyed the Madison Square Market over the years. It’s not far from Eataly…

Has anyone been to the Great Northern Food Hall in Grand Central? Article about it in the NY Times has my interest peaked…

Yes! It’s fantastic!!
The open face sandwiches -smorrebrod- are excellent, i always buy some bread at the bakery counter- the darker dense loaves are great as toast.
I haven’t tried anything from the grain bar yet but there are lots of interesting savory or sweet combos. Also some scandanavian groceries for sale, various condiments and cookies and such.
Decent seating options too which is increasingly rare here

Thanks, sounds great! I saw that they have classes there too. Will be visiting NYC next week and am going to try to get there!

It’s definitely the best option for lunch or breakfast near grand central if you ask me, and easy enough since so many subway lines go there- just look at a map of grand central because it’s in an awkward corner and not so easy to find
Enjoy your trip here!!

I will definitely study a map and find it. Very much looking forward to it.

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Great article in the NY Times Food Section about Grand Central’s Great Northern Food Hall. Wow! Can’t wait to visit…www.newyorktimes.com/food

Well here is some general background viewing on øllebrød:

Trust me, it’s not that great.

I’ve been there and was totally underwhelmed.

Details would help. What did you eat? Did you get food you did not like? Was there not enough variety?

Sorry. No I actually did not eat anything. Nothing was appealing. There are a few booths but they all seem to have the same things - smoked salmon with dill on pumpernickel, and honestly don’t remember what else. All premade stuff and nothing jumped out at me. The theme is Scandinavian so that was the type of food. I think of food courts as having different types of food. I suppose its fine if this kind of food is what you are looking for.

So which ones have you tried personally and can recommend?

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
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