Farmers Markets Greater Boston Area [MA] 2017

Continuing the discussion from (Boston) Wilson Farms CSA:

There is some farmers markets information in the thread linked above, especially about the excellence of produce from Flats Mentor, but let’s put other farmers markets discussions here.


Thanks, GretchenS.

I’ve mainly gone to the Harvard Tuesday market this season, with occasional forays to Central on Mondays and Davis on Wednesdays. The blueberries from Ward’s have been quite good, but seem to have peaked over the last two weeks. (May just have been one still-good but less-than-perfect pint yesterday, though). They’ve also had currants and gooseberries, and (two weeks ago) tiny cucumbers that looked like large-blueberry-sized watermelons. Lots of good-looking greens and beans, but I have not tried them.

Silvia has had good corn – small kernels, but very sweet – as I’ve noted on the corn thread. Their usually excellent peaches have been a bit off this year, infested by ants once and prone to mold (within 36 hours) twice. The ones I got yesterday seem good, though. They also have small, citrusy yellow tomatoes that are very flavorful.

Langwater has had very sweet walla walla onions, and lovely, thin-skinned potatoes.


I have been going to the Westborough Farmer’s Market (not really greater Boston, I know) that’s on Thursday noon to 6pm so it’s easy for me to go during lunch break. Have been buying an excellent baguette each week from Five Loaves Bakery; really great dark crust full of flavor. I haven’t been to any of the Boston bakeries so can’t offer up any comparison.

Also loving the Nourse Farm fruits and produce; it has been my go-to for picking berries for the past few years, and their corns and romano beans just showed up today and looked quite good. Price is always very reasonable compared to some of the other vendors. They had raspberries deep into September last year, so I’m looking forward to the late summer raspberries to start showing up.

Also saw some lovely assorted flowers for sale from Mugford’s Flower Shop and picked up a small bunch ($5) of daisies, fern, and some other varieties. Will post a picture when I get home.


I believe this board covers all of New England as well so you’re good. I’m not familiar with Five Loaves but it sounds
right up our alley. We’ll keep our eyes open for it if we’re in the area.

Yes, I think this board is covering all of New England, so this is the right place and helpful for the Boston/New England board.

Good to know! The Framingham area is not quite central Mass, and not that close to Boston either, but really has some good gems.

@digga I was told that Five Loaves has a store/cafe in Spencer, which is much too far for me. After farmer’s market end in September I may have to start looking for an alternative supplier. I’ll be interested to know where the good people on this board get their baguette?

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Your restriction to “good people” excludes me, but (bad as I am) I’ll pipe in to say that the one I like most is Clear Flour’s Ancienne.


@sunnyday Probably out of your immediate local area, but my go-to for bread these days are Bread Obsession (durum levain and sourdough are both awesome; I get it at LexFarm, Lexington Farmers Market on Tuesdays, or Berman’s wine shop Thurs-Sat) and Commune Kitchen in Arlington (huge sourdough but I think you can buy half loaves).


Thanks @fooddabbler and @digga! I’m in Brighton so both Clear Flour and Commune Kitchen is fairly close; will be seeking those out. I’ve tried Iggy’s at Russo’s but it seems lacking; the search continues!

I cooked up the ears of corn from Nourse Farm last night. Kernel is a bit chewy (but it might be me overcooking them a tad) but flavor is sweet and mild. Looking forward to trying their romano and wax beans this weekend.

If you’re in ever in Somerville, Dave’s Fresh Pasta sells, or at least did sell, Bread Obsession.

Make sure at Clear Flour you get the Acienne baguette and not the regular. The regular is fine, but the Acienne is so good, but it’s not available first thing in the morning.

After some initial hiccups, the peaches at Silvia have been very good the last three weeks – beautifully silky, golden flesh, sweet and juicy. The Harvard market, where I usually get them, is closed this week and next, though, right when those peaches have peaked.

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