“ FANCY Chinese Restaurant, Kennedy & 14th Av., Markham “ - An amazing start to a wonderful dinner that ended up totally spoiled by a couple of unexpected BAD dishes!

For years, FANCY has been known for its consistently good and well executed Cantonese cooking, a persistent pack house irrespective of time and day and ‘ lack of parking space’!!
This evening, armed with a super early reservation……which we hope would result in more available parking spots, our party of 5 give this local favorite a long overdue re-visit.

We ordered the following dishes:

  • Deep fried crunchy fins and bone skeleton of Dover Sole topped with stirred fry fish filet cut

from the whole fish.

  • Sweet and Sour Pork
  • Stirred fry sliced beef with oyster sauce marinade and Chinese Kale ( Gai-Lan )
  • Fried Silver Thread Anchovies and long beans with peppered seasoned salt batter
  • Peking Duck 2 ways - Traditional wrap with crispy skin and Lettuce wrap with stirred fry diced
    meat and mixed crunchy vegetables

Our meal started off with a huge welcoming bang….the result brought about by one of the best tasting and perfectly seasoned and cooked fish dishes I have had for a while. Succulent, moist, chewy, loaded with umami and shrouded with amazing wok-hay smoky aroma, this is one hell of a stirred fry creation! The crunchy and lip smacking deep fried bones were addictively good!

Sweet and Sour pork was one of the better rendition in town. Crunchy with the right amount of well balanced, tangy sweet glaze coating.

Seasoning of the stirred fry beef was exactly to my liking, the degree of caramelization spot-on.
The cooking and timing of the Gai-Lan preparation was impeccable.

The crunchy, deep fried String Beans and Anchovies possessed the right amount of savory salty-ness and mouth tingling spiciness. Very enjoyable!

Sadly, the arrival of our ‘ Piece de resistance ‘ dishes - Peking duck 2 ways, totally ruined our aforementioned pleasurable experience! Rather than thin and crispy, our carved duck skin was irregular, CHEWY and totally lacking the desired crispiness. This was made worse by the ultra-thick, Indian Chapati like wrapper they provided. Are we creating a duck skin wrap or a duck skin ‘ sandwich , we wonder?! As if this was not bad enough, they followed up by literally ‘ pouring salt onto the wound’ by giving us a disaster of a lettuce wrap second course. The stirred fry product was way too salty, the meat tasting stale, the result…inedible!

Oh well!! This totally inconsistent meal of ours is one great example of ‘ You win some…You lose some ‘!!

Am I being overly sensitive or what? Almost every Chinese meal I had recently I found to be inconsistent, quality on a downhill trend when compared to a few months ago?! Too many ’ post-Covid ’ opening diluting the already thin talent-pool?: please include [City, Neighborhood] in your post title above. If the topic is about a specific eatery, please click the ‘Add Location’ button to enter the address, so your topic shows up in the Topic Map.


Well the duck looked good in the photo.

I’m intrigued by the sweet and sour pork. I want to like the dish as I like contrast in flavors but I have rarely found a version that’s good. Almost always too bready and sweet. Hardly ever sour.

The variety of wrappers with Peking duck in NYC is interesting now that you point it out. I’ve been to some places that serve what appear house made wrappers that are almost tortilla like in thickness and irregular in shape. I’m thinking Hwa Yuan. Then there’s what are clearly outsourced giant industrial wrappers with no flavor served at Peking Duck House. The most delicate tissue thin variety shows up at a place like Pinch.

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A few pieces of the skin were indeed still crispy. However, the majority were flabby and overly chewy.

Here in Toronto, most good Cantonese restaurants have mastered the art of creating a crispy/crunchy Sweet & Sour Pork dish with a well balanced flavour profile. The secret is to use ’ Hawthorn Flakes ’ as a sweetener as per the traditional/authentic Hong kong/Canton way!

As for the wrapper, most do offer light, thin, fluffy ones. The weird ones yesterday were a rare exception!

Looks like you are a Big Apple Foodie. FYI, my family and I will be heading to your hood for a food crawl in early October. Maybe we might even cross paths? Ha!

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That’s a new one for me. Will have to bring some home next time I’m at the grocer.

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We’ve been here twice post-pandemic for dim sum but not for dinner. Unfortunately the dim sum quality has dropped significantly from what we remembered it and won’t return for it. I do remember that awful wrapper for the duck though. It was even present pre-pandemic.


Have you been to ’ Amazing Seafood ’ on highway #7, across from Markville Mall? Intriguing menu! Food looks similar to ‘Fancy’ with better looking plate presentation. Also price point is better!