Famous Street Dishes For Winters

Easy for you to say. You might live in the upper Midwest but I live in Texas. Nuff said.

Are you implying Texan would be easier to pick up than Midwestern for an immigrant?

Roasted chestnuts.

Hot mulled cider.

In the Alps, not on the street , but outside, at ski resorts:

Tiroler Gröstl (fried onions,potatoes and bacon, with a fried egg on top)
Schnitzel on a bun

Bombardino (avocat cocktail with cream on top)
Mulled wine
Obstler /fruit schnapps shots

In Toronto (these are year-round, but available all winter, when many other carts or food trucks aren’t out selling food):
Hot dogs
Polish sausage
Italian sausage
Freshly cut French fries with gravy


“No se, pero parecen como buena gente a mi!”

A translation would be helpful, since just as not everyone speaks English, not everyone speaks Spanish.