Fall Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - November 4-17, 2019

It’s almost that time again, Fall HVRW starts in 3 weeks. The list has been posted and a few menus are up. Since I’m retired and have lots of free time I have been trying to do lunch since it’s $10 cheaper and often has a similar menu.

Last time we tried Hudson Valley Steakhouse in Yorktown and really enjoyed our meal. Not enough to go back at their inflated regular prices but definitely enough to go back for HVRW. They’re even doing lunch so I think we’ll go then since the menu (and hopefully portion size) is the same for both lunch and dinner. They apparently got busy for dinner last time so reservations are recommended. And the lot in front of them has finally been cleared (it had been blocking their sign) so you can now see them from Route 202 (across from BJ’s). BTW the same menu shows as a $39.95 price fixed menu on their website, so it’s $7 less for HVRW at dinner and $17 less for lunch.

We had lunch at Maria’s in New Rochelle last time and enjoyed it and will definitely go back. I see that Locali in Mt. Kisco is participating so we’ll try to get there, maybe also for lunch (and on Thursday because the MK lot is free then, and yes I am cheap but paying for parking bothers me). Also had dinner at Liberty Street Bistro in Newburgh and it was good but not as amazing as I expected.

One new place that is interesting is Le Moulin Eatery & Wine Bar in Yonkers. I saw them on Restaurant Hunter and it looked interesting. They are only participating Thursday-Saturday (that may be when they’re open). Their menu is here. It doesn’t thrill me but others may like it.

Another newcomer is Nadine’s Restaurant in Yorktown (the German place where Jennifer’s used to be). Their menu is here.

As usual I have my lunch reservation at American Bounty at the CIA already. We always enjoy it there, especially when I can get a table across from the open dessert prep kitchen.

Did anyone have a nice meal somewhere last time? BTW Valley in Garrison is not listed again so I suspect they are no longer doing HVRW. Just as well since I don’t have to make a decision about whether to go or not.


Be careful at Locali - the meters right at the restaurant are not free, as that is considered a street. Park in the big lot and walk over.

I have friends that want to try that place. If you go, please let us know how it is.

Thanks for the tip on the meters. Not going to Nadine’s, not my favorite food.

Maria in New Rochelle has their menu posted. Lots of choices and it seems like the lunch and dinner menus are very similar. We really enjoyed our meal there last time.

Nor is it mine. My neighbors wanted to try it once when we were going out together and we were not game.

Well, here’s their chance to try it without you!

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Zero Otto Novo has their HVRW menu posted on their website. Doesn’t differentiate between lunch and dinner so if they have the same menu for lunch I might try them. I’ve never been there.

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I have made reservations at Brother’s Fish & Chips, Maria Restaurant and 273 Kitchen.
Last year my dinner group went to Brother’s and absolutely loved it. I missed out because I was sick that night.
Maria’s I have heard so much about, can’t wait to try it.
273, I haven’t been to for 2 years, but I remember how delicious it was!

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273 posted their menu on Instagram and it looks pretty decent. I noticed that they do a price fixed lunch for $26 all the time, although that includes a dip, appetizer and entree as opposed to dips/appetizer, entree, dessert for HVRW.

I really want to go to Brother’s but I’ve never been thrilled with their HVRW menu. I haven’t seen their menu tis time.

I just noticed that Hudson Valley Steakhouse (which is oddly listed under Upstate New York in Opentable) has changed their plans and is only doing dinner. They had announced that they would do lunch with the same menu for $22.95 but that’s no longer listed.

Liberty Street Bistro has announced that they will once again be offering their entire menu for HVRW. but only on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. While they normally let you choose any 3 courses for $55, for HVRW last time they had you choose one from their appetizer/pasta courses, then an entree and dessert. still not a bad deal for $33. Their menu is here: http://libertystreetbistro.com/menu-1

So Brothers Fish & Chips has posted their menu. I don’t eat shellfish. Both appetizers for lunch and dinner have shellfish. I’m out, once again. Checked their normal menu and it seems like other than salad, all of their normal appetizers are also shellfish.


Pubstreet’s menu is up on the HVRW site.

I may have to change my reservations, a bit disappointed with the lack of choices. We love all types of seafood, but to have only 2 choices…

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Yeah, that was why we didn’t eat there last time.

Roundhouse in Beacon now has their menu posted:

Donjito menu

image image Flames Steakhouse Menu

X20’s menu looks eerily similar to last year’s. Like, exactly. I recall that 2 years in a row the beef shirt rib was tough and “unbeefy?”. Chicken liver was bland x2. The seafood crepe is always a hit, off the regular menu, but they allow you to order it for restaurant week. Same with the fois gras, but also bland. I wish more restaurants would mix up their menus. It seems so redundant now.

To be honest, the same can be said of their regular menu, it almost never changes (although the quail recently changed to include an ingredient I do not eat). Did not know they would allow you to order other stuff off the regular menu for HVRW. My wife usually gets the seafood crepe when we eat there with a Groupon.

Eugene’s has their menu posted and it’s actually pretty interesting. Posting both lunch and dinner links but the menus seem to be identical. I think we’ll do lunch. I really want the pudding chomeur, which they no longer do at The Cookery (and which I missed getting one night when they DID have it). Fortunately a kind HO user who was there at the same time with an earlier reservation shared hers with me.

Hey, at least I gave you a taste of mine!

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Their Restaurant Week menu doesn’t really interest me but the regular menu looks good, and it’s nice to know we have a wine bar downtown! We’ll definitely give them a try sometime soon and report back!

ETA: Just looked at their website and they are only open in the evenings from Thurs-Sat. Weird hours! It sounds like they have an active catering business though so presumably they use their kitchen for catering work on off days.

You did and I am eternally grateful!

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