Fall Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - November 4-17, 2019

The Cookery posted their HVRW menu. I am very pleased to see the branzino en croute available again. It was the best entree I had last HVRW. The chicken liver parfait was also excellent (and of course the buttery salty potatoes), but their food is almost always great. Saturday reservations were tough when I looked yesterday but other days seemed OK. We’re going the first Sunday.


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Wanted to mention that I called Le Chambord (in Dutchess County) to make a reservation for next Saturday (it was a good location to meet friends who live in Millbrook). At the end of the call, I asked them to verify that they were doing HVRW on Saturday night. Much to my amazement, the person told me that they had decided not to! Their website still says that they are, as does the HVRW website. Needless to say, I cancelled my reservation!

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The Rare Bit has their menus posted. Here’s dinner. They have lots of choices, and prime rib is available for a $15 supplement on both menus (which doesn’t make much sense since the appetizers and desserts are the same for lunch and dinner and dinner costs $10 more, so why charge the same supplement?). Will be interested in hearing from anyone who tries them.


So, MisterBill - where have you been so far?

So I realized that I never came back to post my experiences… Since the new HVRW is coming up and I will be around since my Asia trip imploded (see my post elsewhere) I figured I’d share my experiences.

Best experiences were Maria, The Cookery (for dinner) and Ships Lantern Inn (Milton). The latter was a real surprise because the only time we had been there all of the servers were really old guys in tuxes and I expected that again. But it was a great experience. The food was wonderful, we got seated next to the fireplace, service was friendly (and young). Maria is great food and very friendly owner. The Cookery is always great for dinner.

We went to Dubrovnik and my wife enjoyed her chicken but I did not like my fish (Branzino, I think). It was a couple of filets that were served with no sauce. The vegetable side was some green and potatoes which also did not have much flavor. I started with some sort of crudo that I recall was served with cheese (I guess that’s what they do). Dessert was a rolled crepe with some jam inside but the menu had a number of different flavor choices that were not available for HVRW.

I know they have an excellent reputation and my wife enjoyed her food. Maybe it’s just not a place to go to for HVRW. I’ll check out their menu again this time before deciding whether to go back.

We did brunch at The Cookery again and it wasn’t nearly as good as our dinner there (my salmon entree portion was tiny). On the other hand, for dinner the branzino en croute was amazing.

We had originally been planning to have Sunday brunch at Eugene’s but I saw a picture of the actual HVRW menu posted on Instagram (along with one of the meals) which showed that a) you didn’t get an appetizer, b) entree choices were much less than posted on their website, c) dessert was just a tiny piece served in the TV dinner tray that the whole meal came in. Rather than being unhappy, we cancelled.

Also did American Bounty at the CIA. Nice meal but nothing spectacular. I noticed that they have the 3 course meal for $19 (cheaper than RW) thru March 12, so I may try to get there before HVRW. Dinner is 25% off.

Thanks, MB. Where is Maria?

Maria is in New Rochelle. Won the Bib Gourmand award so I figured I didn’t need to say where it was :). I think it also won best new restaurant in Westchester Magazine. It’s so good, we really should go there when its not RW.

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Sounds worth a trip!

Since there’s very little activity here and I really don’t feel like doing parallel threads. I will not be creating a new thread here for this month’s HVRW. Feel free to contribute on CH.

Sorry to hear this

@MisterBill - you could write your post up in word and copy and paste in both sites. Just sayin! We would miss you!

Yes, but then you have parallel discussions, which I really dislike.

Well, I’m sorry you won’t be here.

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