Fall 2022 (Oct-Dec) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING

Hi HOs! Big thanks to all who participated in the nominations thread this quarter. We had a long list of nominees, but only a few got more than one mention. The three finalists are below - cast your votes by clicking the knife-and-fork icon on your choice below. One vote per HO, please. Voting will end on September 30 at 5pm. Thanks and happy voting!

Like this post for ETHIOPIAN.


Like this post for MAHARASHTRIAN.


Like this post for PERUVIAN.


Oh, my! I want them all!

I know, right? Great options this quarter!

Me too! I went with Maharashtrian for potential alignment with Cookbook, but I’d be excited about any of them!

The votes are in and PERUVIAN is our big winner! Thanks HOs for your participation - I look forward to learning about Peru and its food with you this quarter! PERUVIAN - Fall 2022 (Oct-Dec) Cuisine of the Quarter