Fall 2020 (Oct-Dec) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING

Hey HOs! It seems as though the fall weather has refreshed our interest in Cuisine of the Quarter - we had a lively nomination process and have some great cuisines to choose from. Please vote for your favorite by liking the appropriate post below. One vote per HO, please! I’ll announce the winner on October 1!

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Vote here for BRITISH.


Vote here for CHINESE.

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Vote here for GREEK.


Vote here for INDIAN.

Vote here for MEXICAN.


Want to cook all of them!


I’m not sure of the choices, but if one is Moroccan, I’m voting for that. With rrgard to “British” cooking, I’m getting a bit of an education watching “My Greatest Dishes” .

It describes the 20 chefs as among the best in the world, and they all seem to have Michelin stars, and cook some dishes from elsewhere, but it’s based in the UK, and I detect what I’m begining to think might be British cooking.

We have done that back in 2017.


Oh I see! It says “vote here for x”. I thought @biondanonima was voting for everything! :grin:


Greek = 1st choice

Moroccan = 2nd choice

To all those that are familiar with British cooking: do Scottish, Irish and Welsh cooking under British cuisine or they are all separate entities?

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It was my assumption that they would certainly be “British”. That’s why I didn’t nominate “English” or “Irish” or “…”

They are quite different actually !

Welsh: Caul - a historical traditional meat and vegetable stew …

Scottish: Haggard … an ofal stew … and famed for their wild salmon.

Irish: Lamb stew … Also potatoes are quite common in a variety of ways and an Irish Breakfast usually is Irish Wild Salmon.

British: Savoury spicy Indian and Pakastani cuisines in addition to British Roasts and an English Breakfast, which is served with tinned beans … London is a very very international metropolitan city and restaurants of every type pratically exist.

There may be similarities however, their traditions and locations are also quite different.

I think I’ll switch to british - tis the weather for some shepherds pie - as inauthentic as mine may be :joy:

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Indeed, they are different but all under the “British Isles” umbrella. Do differentiate between “British” and “English”.

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Ireland is not part of The U.K. and it has a completely different government and it is primarily Roman Catholic with a whole different set of laws …

Northern Ireland is part of The U.K.

English people come from England.

Great Britian is the whole lot of Brexit countries.

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@barca @pilgrim

I checked Wikipedia on British cuisine.

British cuisine is the heritage of cooking traditions and practices associated with the United Kingdom.

Under the subheading “Varieties”:
Anglo-Indian cuisine
English cuisine
Northern Irish cuisine
Scottish cuisine
Welsh cuisine

Personally, I think a cuisine gets a lot of influences, from neighbours, from the (ex)colonies and people travel, it is not exactly defined by political boundaries. Also, in the past, the boundaries are defined differently than today. Maybe let some Brits tell us what they think? @Harters or @paprikaboy or others.

I’m curious about the branch Anglo-Indian cuisine, it seems it has integrated in the British cuisine.